"Being human well is the key to being spiritual."

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Being human well is the key to being spiritual.

It is not about being perfect, it is about doing our best in our relationship with the world and with ourselves; it is about having the courage to make choices and sometimes to make mistakes, then learning from them without guilt. Our lessons from life are the key to soul growth, and this is why it is such a privilege to be alive.

Inlumino Global, created by me, Claire Montanaro, exists to help you achieve your human potential and spiritual understanding, guiding you through occasional rocky patches in your personal life and also answering your questions about wider matters such as Earth change and spiritual philosophy. Through channelling and teaching I can help you grow in your humanity and grow in the light of your soul, for each are part of the other.
My own life experience as a businesswoman working internationally in the world of the military, finance and politics taught me much about human struggle and the challenge of the modern world. I have made mistakes and stumbled many times, and as I look back I see how the tests and hard teachers taught me much and made me stronger, though there is always more to do.

My life and path changed in 1996 following a profound spiritual wake-up call which caused me to leave the corporate world and begin my service to spirit, and then to bring into creation Inlumino Global. As I watch the world and learn, and stumble still in my human endeavour, my aim is to be a messenger for the new consciousness to help you, if you wish, and to help Earth. Both are dear to my heart.
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“Architecto beatae. Vitae dicta exslicabo enim ipsam volus tatem volusta dolor.”
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