Yoga Magazine Article
The Soul Journey of Ligh

Every awakened soul is on our beautiful planet at this time of change for a reason, including you, and you have work to do. Your work is all to do with the light, bringing in and expanding the light through your presence as soul and Spirit, and as a human too, for this is the Age of Light.

Your story is an ancient one, beginning when your soul was born from a spark of divine fire at a time when time did not exist. A place is associated with your source, possibly a star or a planet, even Earth for some people, and for those who have a strongly cosmic connection, life as a human can be difficult because the longing for 'home' is so strong. If you feel you don't belong or that people don't understand you, this may be the reason. Some people have had many, many lifetimes on Earth while for others it is much fewer: neither is better nor worse, but everyone who incarnates here does so to help their own soul journey and also to assist the path of Gaia.

Earth is the only planet where its inhabitants can choose, and where a soul progresses though experience based on that human choice over many lifetimes. Your soul purpose for these human incarnations is to learn ev- erything there is to know about being human, and you would be amazed if you knew what you have done and been over many hundreds of lives as part of this process of learning. It occurs over cycles, so that in one cycle you may learn everything there is to know about tyranny – being a slave, being a despot, being persecuted, being married to a tyrant, being a cam- paigner – and then when you understand about tyranny from all angles, you move onto another cycle of learning which may be about money, relationships, illness, or spirituality, and even about evil which can include gross abuse, black magic, perversion or great cruelty, some of which is visible in our world today. If you see someone who behaves truly shockingly, remember that he or she may, as you have done before, be learning some hard lessons but with the chance, always, of returning to the light. It is always about choice.

At the end of every life on Earth, your spiritual helpers will review, with you, what you have achieved and learned and what is outstanding to be done, and so the next life experience is planned according to your need. The planning includes your sex, ethnic origin, social class, family, country, personality, body shape and looks, intelligence and astrological make-up too, to ensure you are born with the best environment and at the perfect time to help you with your new mission. It may be a very different back- ground from your last life, and people with wealth and privilege now like members of the Royal Family or Simon Cowell are likely to come back in much humbler circumstances, learning about celebrity and wealth from another angle. Even the timing and manner of your death as well as your birth are planned, but tentatively: you are creating a template together, a sketch of what is intended but you, through what you choose to do with it, can change everything about the plan if you wish.

It would be easy to come into the new life with a check list of what you were going to do and why, but Spirit does not make it that easy! Soon after you are born the Veil of Illusion falls upon you and you forget, consciously, all you have done before as a soul, and the human learnings begin afresh. Your choices are made without influence or prior knowledge to ensure they are as pure and unbiased as they can be, rather like a pupil writing an essay based on his own understanding and reasoning only, without copying others.

Just as a student goes through different levels of lessons, such as a kinder- garten, primary school, secondary school and university, often with differ- ent classes in each level too, so it is with the soul journey of learning over all of its earthly experiences. It begins with our physicality, when we are tested on gluttony, perhaps, alcoholism, drugs, brute force and violence, and the second level is about controlling our desires and emotions. The third is to do with the mind which so often dominates us unhelpfully, and then when the personality dimension has been mastered, you come to the fourth lesson which is known as the Initiation of Suffering. It doesn't sound much fun, does it, but in fact it is a time of magnificent achievement as you give up your self-centred priorities in order to enable major spiritual growth as your soul, your lifelong companion for so long, becomes sub- sumed into that aspect of you which is Spirit. It can result in great sadness, almost despair, and it is this spiritual transition which causes the Suffering: it really can feel like a dark night of the soul at this time, but it is a most significant point of your evolution – and it will pass. Jesus took this test on the Cross, which is why it is known also as the Initiation of the Crucifixion.

There are more lessons for you, when you are ready, seven in total over your lifetimes, each one taking you more and more along an advanced spiritual path. Each time you pass one of these tests your soul and be- ing become more and more suffused with light until you are nothing but light in a human covering. Eventually all your lessons are learned and you are released from the need to reincarnate, for you know all about what it means to be human, and the work is done. You are light.

As human beings become more light-filled, so the world will change to be- come one of peace and kindness where all who live here will be honoured, whatever their kind or degree. It will be a planet of balance. Until recently it has been a place of materialism, duality and separation from Spirit, but as more and more humans become aware of their true purpose and with the influx of new cosmic energies, it is moving to its intended status as a sacred planet. This is happening now, which is why there is so much upheaval in the world as the status quo of thousands of years regarding values, power and control is being overturned to make way for the New Consciousness based on honesty, truth, acceptance and love.

If you wish, you may help the process of change directly, through working with the light: see the light, watch it, honour it, and grow the light - as you inhale, breathe in the light and feel it fill your body, exhale and breathe out the light to fill the world. It takes seconds, but this small exercise once or twice a day can do much.

The planet is moving to a new dimension, continuing in its physical state but with a new energy and ethos, and you are contributing to her ascen- sion. You go with her as she becomes the centre of a great cosmic system, an example and teacher of how choice and learning bring great spiritual reward. This is what the Age of Light is all about – it is you and far, far more, but most of all, it is the Plan of God.

By Claire Montanaro
Published in Yoga Magazine, November 2013