Bats Directing Choice

June 3, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

I love bats, and was thrilled to learn that my home has been registered as an official bat roost. With the warmer weather I have spent recent evenings, accompanied by Felix the Cat, watching the emergence of hundreds of bats from under the tiles and shingles of my cedar house as the light has faded. They have swarmed around me circling my head and shoulders but never touching me as they have flown away to feed in the trees and hedges, and it has been a delight to have their presence. It has created a problem also. Felix the CatSince moving to this place ten years ago it has been my hope to create a large workroom in what was a triple garage attached to the house, and with the expansion of my work the opportunity to do the conversion has been given to me: the money and the permissions are in place, but the obstacle lies in the bat colony which lives most happily in its walls. Rightly, it is forbidden to disturb bats and their roosts, and I will need a professional survey and guidance on “mitigation” to achieve the bat licences, UK and EU, required to carry out the alterations. Having seen the numbers of bats that have made my garage their home, I am concerned that whatever adjustments are made to the plans to accommodate their welfare, they will be disturbed to a greater or lesser extent by the building work, however carefully it is carried out, and I find myself in a dilemma between pressing on, legally, with a long-held plan or abandoning it altogether to ensure total continuity and peace for the Soprano Pipistrelles. Natural Resources Wales has been most helpful in putting together a strategy and arranging the survey, which I hope will take place soon, and then I will have to decide what to do, based on their findings and requirements. However, if it comes to a choice, then there is no choice. [byline]]]>

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4 comments on “Bats Directing Choice”

  1. OtG'day, Claire!
    Love the cat pic. 🙂
    Understand the dilemma. Don't let it drive you batty.:-)
    Questions, please:
    Is your home considered a historic place?
    If not, what kind of building permit would you need that will both give you more space for your work whilst doing little to disturb your bats?

    1. Thank you as always for your interest, William. No, my home is not historic in the accepted sense, but needs a "Building Notice" for the work to be approved, which in itself is not a problem. The bat survey is voluntary on my part and takes place next week, determining if and when and how the work can be done with minimal disturbance to the bats. I will know more then, and will find another solution for my work if necessary - what I am not quite sure!

    1. Thank you, Mark. You are right, of course - but it is a blessing and also - in the case of building work - a problem that while some of my bat colony disperses in the autumn to hibernate elsewhere, a lot of the bats overwinter here! So the same care has to be taken by me whatever the time of year.

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