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“A seer from birth, I see the past, present and future with the eyes of truth, across many dimensions”

An important part of my commitment as a channel is to work not just privately on a one-to-one basis with those who seek my help, but to offer public channellings from time to time. Once or twice a year I invite questions of a more general interest, to do perhaps with a world crisis or current events – it can even be to do with spiritual philosophy. Questions of a personal nature are discouraged.

These sessions are popular, and I advise anyone with a question they wish to ask to submit it in good time or there may not be the opportunity to use it – often more questions are submitted than there is time for, and I hate for people to be disappointed.

The public channellings, which take place with the help of a facilitator to collate and put the questions to the Masters of Light, are recorded and made available through the Inlumino Global website afterwards, and they are free.

Previous public channellings are given below, and are available for you to hear now. You may find them interesting, and relevant still.
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