Coaching Services

This is a challenging time for many of us, and some clients ask me to work with them on a regular, often monthly, basis, to guide them through the ups and downs of everyday life, and to help them on their spiritual journey. 

These sessions are a mixture of psychic guidance, clairvoyance, channelling and life coaching, and I love to help people as best I can with advice and guidance on issues such as relationships, work, karmic patterns, finances and even health and well-being issues.

The sessions are practical, very human, often light-hearted and always accompanied by the light and loving touch of Spirit.

How does it work?

Appointments for a coaching session usually take place by phone. I live in a rural part of Wales, and so for many people particularly those living abroad, a phone appointment is more convenient, and just as effective.

Clients are asked to call my landline number at the time of the appointment, and I will be waiting for you. (Please note that I do not call you – it is the other way round!) You may use a mobile phone or a landline, or Skype credit to connect with my landline number – I do not use Instagram or any social media formats to speak with you.

If you are calling from abroad, please ensure you have a cheap calling plan in place, or otherwise are aware of the charges that will be incurred. Many people use Skype credit as an affordable way of calling me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Included in the fee is a recording of your coaching session that goes to your e-mail address shortly afterwards, unless you request not to have it, perhaps for reasons of privacy.

Please note that recordings are deleted after a week for reasons of data protection and confidentiality, and you are advised to save the recording to your computer if you wish to listen to it again in the future.
The fee for a half hour coaching session is £85.00.

Payment can be made easily using any credit or debit card of your choice, Paypal or Stripe, through the Shop. Please tell me if you wish to pay by some other method or by card through the Office instead.

Please do not make your payment until your appointment for your coaching session has been arranged. I appreciate fee payment beforehand.

24 hours’ notice of an appointment change or cancellation is required or the full fee payment will be expected.

Please note that I am not an accredited life coach and counsellor, but work intuitively and pragmatically to help you in every and any way I can.

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