A Daily Guided Meditation Practice

“…wonderful for expanding the consciousness”

A Daily Guided Meditation Practice

Here is a guided meditation that you can do on a daily basis, with great benefit for your spiritual growth and spiritual connectedness. It is wonderful for expanding the consciousness.

Preparation: Try to ensure you will not be disturbed for half an hour.  It will be helpful to have a notebook and pen to hand, your spiritual journal, to record any impressions or messages.


Light a candle or incense if you wish.


Face East if you can, but don’t worry if this is impractical.  The Light of Spirit comes from the East and it is helpful to look towards it during meditation.


Sit with a straight but not rigid spine. 


Ensure both feet are firmly on the floor.  Rest your hands comfortably in your lap, palms facing up or down as you choose.


Close your eyes and relax your body, and take a few deep breaths.  Check that your tongue is not tense – it often is without us realising it.  Now put protection around yourself.


1. Alignment and visualisation


Focus on the root chakra, imagining a golden thread being drawn slowly from it up to the sacral chakra, to the solar plexus chakra, and then to the heart chakra, so you see them as in a line with each other like a jewelled belt.


Focus on the heart chakra.  Visualise it as a golden flower unfurling its petals and expanding.  Sense and feel your heart at the centre of the flower glowing with love, radiant with beauty.  Spend about five minutes concentrating on your heart, visualising it opening up and getting bigger and bigger with all the love that is in it.  Sense your love going out to all those you love, and to mankind, and know that it is making the world a better place.


Leaving your heart open and still radiating forth love, slowly draw the golden thread, which is probably now much wider than when you started, from the heart chakra to the throat chakra, and then to the third eye.  Focus your attention on your third eye.  (You may find it helpful to roll your eyes upwards under your eyelids, while keeping your eyes closed.) You may feel a physical sensation like a tiny headache in the area of your third eye, which will indicate that your consciousness is being raised.


Stay focussing on your third eye for a moment or two.  If it becomes sore, relax and move your attention back to the heart.  It will mean merely that you are not yet ready to do this part of the exercise for more than a moment.  As you practise you will be able to sustain this focus for longer. 


Do not strain, or overdo it, and stop if the soreness persists.


Draw the golden thread up to the crown chakra.  Visualise it once again as the golden jewelled belt linking all seven of the chakras, and then see it moving out of the crown chakra towards a golden ball of brilliant light a little way above your head.  This ball represents your soul.  Try to send the golden thread upwards so that it merges with that golden ball that is your soul.


See yourself as a Being of Light aligned with your soul, knowing that you have raised your consciousness to the level of Light.  Stay focussed in this way for a minute or more (not more than five minutes) if you can.  If your head at any time feels physically uncomfortable, then draw your attention back down to the heart chakra, or stop altogether.  This can be the result of over-concentration, which is why it is important to be relaxed, gentle and unhurried in this meditation.


This process so far is likely to take you ten minutes.


2. Meditation


Relax your focus from your soul back to your heart, and then move outside yourself.   Become the observer.  Allow your mind to be open, receptive to any messages, images or sensations that may come to you. Watch how you breathe, if you feel any physical sensations in your body, if there is a noise or a scent around you.  Watch and observe, keeping your mind still, focussing on the now.  If everyday thoughts come into your mind, let them come through and out.


Make a note of any message that comes to you, even if you think you are just imagining what you are sensing or hearing. If you break off to make a note, resume your meditation where you left off.


This process will take about ten minutes.


3. Communication


Raise your consciousness to your crown chakra again, and sense a clear channel, like an open pipe, moving from your crown upwards to where your spiritual helpers are waiting to communicate with you.  Even if you cannot see them in your mind’s eye (which you probably won’t!)  know that they are there.  Ask, mentally or out loud, for them to join you.  You may feel their energies around you as a warmth, perhaps a breeze, a shiver down your back – it is different for everybody, and don’t worry if you feel nothing at first.  This is quite common.


Mentally or out loud, greet them and thank them for joining you.  If you have a problem you would like their advice on, ask them for help.  Put the question, wait with an open relaxed mind, and if you get an answer, however tentative it may be at first, write it down. (If no answer comes, wait for it to come in a more indirect way, perhaps in your dreams, in an article in a paper or from something someone says.  Be alert, for it will come but sometimes in unexpected ways.)


If you have no question, ask them if they have anything to say to you – and see what impression comes to you.  Sometimes you will get nothing, sometimes a message, sometimes just the sense of their energy about you, which can be very lovely.


You may wish to sit in silent communication during this third stage of the meditation, have a chat, ask for help or ask questions.  You may choose.  At the end of the time, thank them for being with you, say it is time to go but that you will be back tomorrow and would like them to be present again, or words to that effect.


Gently close down your chakras as suggested above, perhaps seeing them as flowers folding back into bud, or shutters coming across them. Sense your aura, which will have expanded sometimes considerably, close to your body.  Finally, ask that the mantle of protection of your Master, or Mary if you prefer, be placed around you for your complete protection.  If you wish, surround yourself with light.


This phase also takes ten minutes.


4. Recording


Before you leave your sacred space, make a note of any impressions, images, symbols or sensations you have not already recorded.  Leave the place with gratitude, serene but purposeful and ready for the day ahead.