Full Moon Celebrations


Aries transmits the energy of the first Ray of Will or Power, a power that can be destructive or creative and purifying depending upon the vehicle which it contacts. It is a fire sign and the purveyor to our solar system of pure, electric fire which fosters and nourishes heat as well as burning and destroying all limitations both individual and within the world at large. In Aries it is said that the "jungles of experience are set on fire and dissolve in flames and...the Path stands clear and unobstructed vision is achieved." Fire is the great liberator, clearing away obstacles and bringing forth the truth. And through the agency of fire, Aries is said to "fuse the beginning and the end, to blend the opposites and dispel both time and space".
As mentioned, Aries coincides with the Easter Festival, the great Christian festival of rebirth. The Crucifixion experience was meant to demonstrate the reality of "life more abundant", not the focus upon death that has characterised the church's interpretation of the event. The keynote of the new age understanding of this festival will be upon resurrection, symbolising the precipitation on Earth of a new kingdom in which all will be free from death and released from the cross of matter. Christ came to show us the nature of the "saved life", to demonstrate the quality of the eternal self which is in everyone. And the lesson of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection is that the lower nature must die in order that the higher may manifest, and the eternal immortal soul must rise from the tomb of matter.

Each year at this festival there arises the restoration and renewal of all life in all human hearts. "I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule." Let us reflect on the application of this keynote to daily life and in so doing allow the thoughts which our souls create to reach and encourage all humanity.

Keynote: I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule

(Material originating from the Lucis Trust)