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Generosity of Spirit

September 9, 2018,
Claire Montanaro
As evolving souls, our constant test and goal is to feel and to act with generosity of spirit, in a spirit of nothingness.

Being nothing means having no sense of self-importance. I do not speak of arrogance or conceit, though of course they are qualities of ego too, but of the human addiction to being focused on ourselves. This pattern of being may manifest in many forms such as anxiety, fear, melancholy, desire, defensiveness, greed, acquisitiveness, ambition, and vanity, all of which concern our perceived needs, lacks, and a desire to be recognised by the world as well as we ourselves. We want to be the centre of the narrative, and in so doing we fail to observe the narrative itself or the opportunities to influence the narrative wisely. Ego goes beyond the individual, but taints institutions of power too. Politics is defined as “the actions or activities concerned with achieving and using power in a country or society”, and it can be altruistic or selfish depending on the people or parties involved. Looking around the world, at the proxy wars in the Middle East and Africa, at a self-interested Brexit and Trump’s riven America, at the crises in Venezuela and Argentina, at an increasingly unstable European Union, all the chaos has been created by political rivalry and hunger for personal gain. Politicians, such as Jeremy Corbyn and President Erdogan, for example, will say – and may believe – that they are acting out of a deeply held ideology, but that ideology may be subjective and blinkered, and ultimately harmful: Tony Blair’s determination on war in Iraq is an example in point. Ideologies need to be balanced, flexible, and based on the highest values in life, and sometimes it can be achieved. Sir David Attenborough is driven by his love for the planet and his desire to make it better; everything about him exudes compassion and humanity, and he is able to see the big picture about us and our environment with discernment and fairness. Despite being one of the most respected and influential celebrities in the world, he is a modest man who prefers the centre of attention to be his subjects and not himself. His work is for the benefit of others not himself. Imagine how it would be if everyone, whatever their status, was focused on living their life in order to help others, doing their best to be their best, to be kind and to have generosity of spirit. By so doing, there could not be war, there could not be abuse of people and animals and Earth, and there would be no debt, for all selfish desire would be gone. Our focus would be on looking outwards not inwards, and our everything would be in our nothingness. I do not matter and nor do you: what is important is how I am, and how you are, in our selfless wish to do good for the highest good. This is true generosity of spirit, and it is our constant goal.     [byline]]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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5 comments on “Generosity of Spirit”

  1. A most important Post Claire....Self intreast driven politics being intreasting......programs on TV where people are willing to sacrifice their grace & morals to `be famous`gain noteriaty in some way or rebuild their flagging careers..... all kinds of prostitution of the soul.

    1. Thank you for taking the trouble to comment, Sat Kartar. Yes, the human personality seems very much in charge at the moment, over-riding the soul, but I know that will change! For some more slowly than for others, perhaps?!

  2. There is also another aspect to ego, Claire, petty jealousy. I have been reminded of this with my current grad school instructor, someone who figured out early on in my course (which is almost over, thank God!) that I am smarter than she is. Because of this, she has been subjecting me to bastardisation.
    Moreover, when I had the audacity to confront her over her behaviour, she tried shutting me up by attempting to put me into a two-on-one situation with her boss. Not only did I not oblige her but also chewed her out more for what she had tried to pull on me.
    When the opportunity came to do an end of course evaluation, I did not mince words. I stated up front: 'This is one bad instructor.' And then I proceeded to expose this problem child, making it clear as I did so for all readers to know that I had taken the approach I had because I did not want to be bothered with anyone trying to cover up for her, in part by telling me that my problem didn't exist.
    In other words, another type of egotism is petty jealousy, and it's a bloody pain to have to deal with. And it most certainly is *not* part of being in Spirit.

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