Human Lessons from Badgers

June 9, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

Badgers, part of British life for hundreds of years, are much loved for their stripey appearance, their humorous character and their secrecy. They are rarely seen, but well-known.

img_0280When my sister from Kent visited us a few days ago, what she wanted to do more than anything else was to see a badger for the first time. She was delighted to watch our usual family now accompanied by young, trundle into the garden from different directions in the early evening looking for worms and leftover bird seed, playing and fighting, squealing in pleasure and protest quite careless of our presence. She was horrified when I told her there were plans to cull them in West Wales in order, they say, to prevent TB in cattle.

The British government, meanwhile, has retreated from plans to kill badgers on a mass scale in England both because of public opinion and legal rulings and because alternative ways of treating cattle, through vaccination, have been identified and is doing well in trials.

The devolved Welsh Assembly has been given new powers recently and the decision about the cull rests with it. It is clear that, even though the cull is due to start imminently the politicians do not know what to do. The farming lobby, which is the strong voice calling for it, is influential in Welsh politics, possibly too influential, and is pushing hard for it; there are fears that a cull would cause reprisals against that farming community and the contractors hired to do the work; and then wildlife lovers, environmentalists, Welsh tourists, scientists and British public opinion generally are opposed to such a draconian and unnecessary step, particularly since it is known that a cull would not, ultimately, work.

The issue has been hugely divisive, and it is clear that politics is at the heart of the decision, whatever it proves to be, also money, but not ethics. Once again an aspect of nature, this time mammals, is giving us an opportunity to look at our values and do what is in the best interests of the community in the broadest sense, planetary, sense. Once again, our human lessons about balance, fairness and kindness are in danger of being forgotten.

Here is a reminder of a Welsh badger, in my garden.


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