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One to One Intensive Sessions


A profound and intensive half day session working with me to clear blockages, to heal, and to accelerate your soul growth.


It is soul training truly in action, with remarkable results.

At a certain point in your life, often at a time of change or uncertainty, it can be of great assistance to work with focus and discipline to review where you are on your human and soul journey, what are the barriers to your progression and how to overcome them. Working with me with this intent, for a half day of soul training can produce extraordinary and highly beneficial results. Some people have called it life-changing.


What is a One to One Intensive?

Every soul training session is different, according to your needs and situation, but all that we do is guided by Spirit which work with you throughout the time we are together. It is an opportunity to ask questions about situations in your life and the way forward and to receive guidance; sometimes there is teaching, or healing, karmic and past life clearing, or energy work. We may identify your power animal or Spirit Guides, or work with the nature spirits……much will depend on what you want to achieve from this intensive time together, and how Spirit wishes to help you best. It is a very personal and very special way to accelerate soul growth.


What does it cost, and how long does a session last?

Sessions usually last for half a day - about three hours - for a fee of £500.


Where will the One to One Intensive session take place?

The sessions take place in my home, in a very beautiful and sacred part of mid-Wales, about four hours drive from London. The experience of spending time in the area alone can be very therapeutic, as well as supporting and amplifying the impact of the work with me.

The training takes place normally on the first Monday of each month, but I would be happy to arrange an alternative day if this is inconvenient for you.


Paying for a session

Please book your soul training session here or by calling +44 (0)1597 811-110.

Once the appointment has been made you can pay easily using any credit or debit card of your choice, or Paypal, through the Shop. Please tell me if you wish to pay by some other method or by card through the office instead.

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“it is soul training truly in action”