Murmurations in Ukraine

March 27, 2022,
Claire Montanaro
Shapeshifting clouds of movement......

Long ago were there no boundaries defining countries or continents, just a seemingly endless expanse of un-named lands and seas for nomadic hunters and farmers to explore in their quest for survival and through their human curiosity.  If satellite tracking had existed then, the constant flow of people roaming around the world over thousands of years might have resembled a murmuration of starlings, swooping and swirling in shape-shifting clouds of movement that was a response to the challenges of climate and food availability.

 It took a long time for settlements to begin to resist the influx of strangers.  They began to define their boundaries and give a name to their tribes and lands, to want more land and to fight for it, if necessary, offensively and defensively.  A sense of belonging to one place developed and incomers in large numbers were discouraged.

From time to time, however, major events forced upheavals to this established way of life:  famines, plagues and wars decimated countries and populations, and caused the re-shaping of boundaries as well as the mass-movement of people seeking safety somewhere else.  The fall of Atlantis and the resulting great flood is a vivid example of how a catastrophe can bring about a mass movement of people and of souls, physically and spiritually.

A significant dispersal of human (and animal) beings and souls is ongoing now in the struggle for the liberation of the soul of the Planet, and of humanity which is epitomised in the conflict in Ukraine and beyond.  Everything relating to the future of the world, the coming new civilisation, is being fought over or being highlighted for each of us to choose where we stand:  it is about freedom or control; integrity or expediency; violence or kindness; turning our back or extending the hand of friendship; national interest or the greater good for the world; humanity or cruelty; generosity or mean-ness; transparency or the manipulation of the truth; acceptance of our failings or the assertion of our perfection; black or white, rigidity or flexibility; judgment, or understanding even of those who do the greatest wrongs but indirectly teach so much.

It is interesting to reflect that these choices applied very similarly in the last days of Atlantis. 

It may be that the Ukrainian conflict will, directly or indirectly, extend beyond its borders as, indeed, it is doing today.  The repercussions may only truly be understood, or felt, in months or even years from now, and, rightly, we will all be touched by what is a life-changing global and personal challenge.   A continuing murmuration of people may cause the breaking down of borders and the old sense of protective national identity as we all shapeshift into something new, expansive and truly community driven, thanks to the reminders, by the suffering in Ukraine and elsewhere, of what it really means to be human, and to have a soul. 

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

2 comments on “Murmurations in Ukraine”

  1. I wrote a post on my blog sometime last year as a response to the frustration I can occasionally feel that we (as a species) seem to reflect and focus on the few differences between us rather than the vast number of commonalities we share not only with our fellow humans, but also with the non-human world. I find it fascinating to note that even the much vaunted DNA is not enough to show we are significantly different, in truth what it shows us is that we are much more similar to the fruit fly (and any other non-human being) than we might be comfortable with. In this day and age, I want to hold my hand up and say 'I identify as human and occasionally the butterfly'!

    1. I like this way of looking at it very much, Linda! Thank you.It is interesting too to see how people react differently to a crisis, some uniting together for a common cause and others fighting among themselves for what they want. Ukraine is a good example, perhaps.

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