The Seer

I am a mystic with the gift of spiritual sight. A seer from birth, I see the past, present and future with the eyes of truth, across many dimensions. I am here to help, as best I can, our evolving Planet at this time of enormous change, and to give you knowledge, support, and guidance through the tangled path of human life.

As a seer, I offer you:

  • Channelling
  • Higher Guidance
  • E-mail Support
  • An Emergency Service




As a conduit for the Masters of Light, through me this group energy of Spirit speaks with you directly, answering your questions and transmitting their energy to heal and strengthen you. They are wise, loving guides and counsellors able to advise you on issues to do with work and home, your life and your soul, and world events.
A channelling session can be for an hour or a half hour by phone, or an hour in person.

Fee: £140 for an hour or £80 for a half hour. (Payment can be made through the Shop by card or Paypal, or through the office directly if you prefer.)

Please see my Appointment Calendar to book, or contact me directly if you prefer.

(Recordings of public channelling sessions based on questions of a non-personal, global nature are made available through my website from time to time.)



Higher Guidance

Some people prefer a less rarified way of communicating with Spirit! In these sessions, I am more present and my voice is largely unchanged, though the quality of the connection and information remains unchanged. If you want to ask about very human, practical matters, with my direct input, a higher guidance session may suit you. Many clients use both options depending on their need at the time.

Fees and booking procedures are the same as for a channelling session, outlined above.



E-mail Support

If arranging an appointment is difficult or you only have a few urgent questions, you are welcome to e-mail me and I will answer them as soon as I can. A fee will be charged depending on the time it takes me, and I will inform you of the likely amount beforehand.

Requests for free advice cannot be accepted, as I am sure you will understand.


Emergency Service

If I am fully booked and you need help now, a short-notice appointment can be arranged by contacting me in the normal way. I will do my best to help you within 48 hours. The fee is £115 for a half hour. Go here to book, and here to pay, when your request has been agreed.

See also Coaching and 1-1 Intensives.