October Messages

October 15, 2022,
Claire Montanaro
……only the world of nature is acting with autumn consistency

The month of October this year is accelerating like a car that is out of control:  only the world of nature is acting with autumn consistency.    As we watch the onslaught of strange events it helps to remember that, in our humanity, we cannot stop time nor events that are pre-determined, particularly if it is in the esoteric sense that the future has happened already. 

As we live in the moment we are working backwards, enacting a script written long ago but containing within it the option to change the words and the movements as we choose.  The template of our life is fixed but we have freedom within that structure to manifest detail that is unique to us, to our karmic learning and to how our life unfolds.

It helps to remember this as we watch sometimes helplessly as wars we did not want envelop us and leaders we may not want direct us and tell us how to live and what we can say.  It can be hard to find our right to be ourselves with privacy and independence within our personal template, and hard too to recognise without judgment that some people like to be directed by and dependent on agents of the state because passivity is an easy if sometimes lazy way to be.  Resistance to democracies which are increasingly hectoring is more and more difficult, and this is how they like it to be.

This October, as it races away like water down a plughole, is shouting reminders to us as it goes, reminders about how often we have been manipulated about money which is our money, God’s money, but so freely spent by others and squandered to the extent that the finite monies that there are, are now virtual; about our health, but the advice for which so often is not healthy; about technology which we are told is harmless but in fact can be a vehicle for eavesdropping and control; and about our Planet that suffers so much because of  human exploitation and selfishness. 

Promises are made at every election and in every political speech, few of which have substance and even fewer that are truly altruistic, but still they are believed by those who wish it to be true.  Political marketing can be very clever, and also very devious.

October’s message is about seeing the truth and not allowing anyone to control us, and about ensuring that the only person who fills in the detail of our template for life is you and me.  Despite the efforts of intrusive government it can be done, and as we move ever faster towards our new world it is all the more important to be alert and aware and to refuse to accept the status quo decreed if we know it is wrong or does not serve us.  This is a time of test for each of us who wishes to be part of the new world, for if we succumb to the torpor of state dependency we will lose the freedom of our souls.  The choice is to be a spiritual couch potato living a life of unquestioning delusion or a soul that flies with the angels.

As time gains time until it stops, the weeks and months that stretch beyond this month of October will be filled too with events that stop the breath and speak to us about who we are and how to be in order to live as our light and spirit without inhibition from anyone or anything.  There is a limit to passivity, and it may be that not so far from now other people besides ourselves will see the truth of the illusions and call for them to stop.  Deception when it is uncovered hurts and can be the catalyst for great change.

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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