Riots in Lemuria

August 9, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

Until Atlanteans arrived in the serene country of Lemuria, riots never took place because there was no cause.

Lemuria was a place of peace, and a community ethos underpinned everything to ensure that state of being. This applied not just to sharing food and possessions without attachment, but to the nurturing of their young. From birth a child was seen as the offspring but not the property of the parent(s), instead being reared by everyone in the local group. The child was in the company of peers and role models, elders, teachers, healers constantly and learned from them all from the beginning of its human life. There was love too as well as training, and it was a wonderful upbringing.

There were community guidelines for conduct to assist the smooth-running of the place, and if a youngster or any Lemurian breached them detrimentally he or she was brought before the community for fair justice. It happened rarely because the recognition and acceptance of a set of core principles based on kindness and inclusiveness was so embedded in their society.

The Lemurian way is very different from the culture of modern Britain and other parts of the world: the impact of multi-culturalism; over-population; changing work, housing and familial trends; social aspiration; materialism; self-centredness; class division; and the loss of a spiritual, or ethical compass has created a divided rudderless community particularly among the new underclass. For the young born into this underclass often there is a fractured family structure, a lack of role models except from a gang peer group, inadequate teaching or example of social responsibility, and an expectation of being supported by the state without giving back in return.

This does not apply, of course, to all families and children by any means, but the current riots in London and elsewhere in Britain shows there are enough alienated young people to cause a huge amount of harm and distress to their own communities, out of control, care-less and driven by acquisitiveness and distorted values. It will take a long time to change a situation which is so inter-generational and embedded that it may be impossible under the present system of societal governance.

As you witness or even experience the sad sights of London on fire and under attack by young rioters, remember Lemuria and the societal governance which prevailed, and which worked so well. Remember too that the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict is impacting our world more and more and that the manifestation of conflict, for a time is inevitable. It is for a purpose, part of which is to take us forward to our new Lemuria.


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