A channelling session is an opportunity to ask, learn and grow through a conversation with the Masters of Light - Spirit. Some people seek help with practical issues in their life such as work or relationship problems; some want guidance to help their spiritual development; and some wish to ask about wider matters to do with world changes or other philosophical matters. The Masters wish, earnestly, to help you on your human and spiritual journey as best they can.


What is a channelling session? How does it help your spiritual growth?

In a channelling session the Masters of Light (sometimes known as Ascended Masters) speak their wisdom and guidance directly to you through me, helping you to see clearly and understand what is happening in your life and on your soul journey, so that you can determine how to move forward. It is a chance to discuss your concerns, dilemmas and human issues as well as to ask about your spiritual path and matters of more general global or cosmic interest. Sessions can be for an hour or a half hour as you choose.

During these sessions I work in an altered state of consciousness and so my voice changes, and you may feel the energy of the Masters coming through me. It is a loving and uplifting experience, and can be a healing one also.


How does a channelling session work?

Channelling sessions with the Masters usually take place over the phone (I ask you to call me on a given number), although face-to-face appointments with me usually in Wales, where I live, or elsewhere if I am working away, can be arranged through our Office.

It is important to prepare questions beforehand and to be ready for an interactive discussion with the Masters. Questions can be on any subject from the mundane to the esoteric, or about your own life and path or what is happening in the world and beyond. Do not ask a question if you do not wish to know the answer!
Because I work at a higher level of consciousness, I do not know or remember what is said, and your conversation with the Masters is totally private.


Is it recorded?

Included in the fee is a recording of your session that goes to your e-mail address shortly afterwards, unless you request not to have it, perhaps for reasons of privacy. (Please note that recordings are deleted after a month for reasons of data protection and also storage capacity, and you are advised to save the recording to your computer if you wish to listen to it again in the future.)


How do I book and pay?

Bookings can be requested through the Website Appointment Calendar or though an e-mail or phone request with me directly. The Calendar is kept up to date but occasionally a slot is taken by 2 people simultaneously, so please await confirmation (or otherwise) of your request before making payment.

Payment can be made through the Shop using Paypal or the usual credit/debit cards, or I am happy to debit your card through the Office. American Express cards are not accepted.



£140 for one hour, or £80 for a half hour, for channelling, psychic reading and coaching sessions. The fee includes a recording of your session.

£115 for half-hour short-notice or urgent appointments if regular scheduled appointments are unavailable.

Do please contact me if the times that are shown on the Calendar are inconvenient for you, and I will do my best to find a time for you that is better. Additionally, I offer an Urgent Appointment service, if you need to talk to the Masters, or me, at short notice, though the fee is slightly higher.

Please note that, while I (with the Masters of Light) can see into the future and am happy to give guidance on it, I am not a fortune teller: your future depends on your choices and actions. My intent, in all my work, is to give you information and guidance, wisdom from Spirit, to help you maximise your enjoyment of and fulfilment in life, and to progress your soul's journey with peace of mind and heart.

Nothing I say or channel is mandatory: it is always about choice, and also about your personal responsibility as to what you do with the guidance given.

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