Public Channellings

Public Channellings through me by the Masters of Light for the general public

in response to questions submitted, take place regularly.

What kind of question can I ask?

Questions of a philosophical or global nature, perhaps to do with world events, the likely future, cosmic matters and subjects on spirituality and esoteric philosophy, are welcome.

Please do not make them personal, because these cannot be used. All genuine questions will be recognised and put to the Ascended Masters in a scheduled channelling session for this purpose. Questions are invited through my newsletters and on the website, Twitter, Facebook etc, and you can leave a question at any time.

If you wish to have personal guidance from the Ascended Masters then please go to my channelling and readings page.

How are the questions handled?

Questions are handled in date order, with any remaining questions carried over for the next month’s session.

If some questions are duplicated, which happens sometimes, then they are collated into one, to make the process easier. So, if your question sounds the same but the wording is a little different, this is the reason why!

The questions (usually about ten per session) are put to me, in an expanded state of consciousness, and answered by the Ascended Masters ( the Masters of Light). I try always to avoid knowing the questions in advance, asking a colleague to manage the organisational process for me.

How can I hear the answers?

The dialogue resulting from the questions is recorded and put up on the free downloads page of the website, where it is available to listen to or download free of charge.

How do I submit a question?

Simply leave a question using the form below!