General (read more...)

“My many thanks to you, Claire. I have not the words to adequately express my gratitude and joy that I feel towards you and all the selfless gifts you provide.”

Channelling (read more...)

“What an excellent idea to offer this broad area of questioning at an affordable price - and it is also fascinating to see what other people are focused on through their questions. “

Crystal Elixirs (read more...)

“I feel very grateful to have the Christ crystal essence -i t is such a powerful tool”

Meditations (read more...)

“I found [the solstice meditation] extraordinarily powerful and beautiful.”

New Consciousness Course (read more...)

“I feel so privileged to have been your student and gained such insight and wisdom from the New Consciousness course as well as your workshops. “

Psychic Reading (read more...)

“The continued support the Masters of Light and yourself offer is a ray of light for me.”

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