Inlumino Global

"I recently bought one of Claire's crystal essences and I am extremely impressed by the product. It arrived in the post beautifully packaged, and as I held it, I could instantly feel the love and good intention that was sent with it. I waited until I was ready to meditate and then sampled the elixir. The taste was subtle but powerful. The action of using the essence made my meditation even more vivid and its effect stayed with me all day.  Highly recommended!"

“I feel very grateful to have the Christ crystal essence -i t is such a powerful tool”

"I just wanted to tell you how incredible your new elixir is. It seems to do just what it says on the bottle – or on the webpage. The first time I took the single drop (only 2 days ago) I had a real sense of myself as spirit and the self-imposed clutter that I carry around at every level. It was wonderful to take a step out of it. Also a sense of something much bigger – the colours red and gold – a queen – the purity, strength and vibration of the elixir is incredible; its contrast with my worldly self is enormous!! It feels as though it really is a teacher. It has come at a really important time. It really feels like a pathfinder. Thank you so much for bringing it through Claire. I don’t think my words properly express the heart of the experience though and the knowledge that “all is well” in the profoundest, most creative, perfect sense."