New Consciousness Courses

The New Consciousness is all about finding the truth of who you are, about learning how to live your life with wisdom, and with peace of mind and heart as you develop both personally and spiritually. Doing this Course can change your life.


This six month intensive online and telephone new consciousness training course gives each student an opportunity to understand, develop and practise the Seven Principles of the New Consciousness, to assist their spiritual growth and to maximise their sense of enjoyment and fulfilment in life.

I hope additionally that besides the personal benefits which will inevitably accrue during the course, students will in their own way feel drawn to share them with others to enable the Principles of the New Consciousness to be more widely understood.

The New Consciousness training course, which is created, overseen and guided by me, includes:

  • Monthly teaching and home study focused on one particular Principle including written instruction and guidance
  • Audio material and tuition
  • Guided meditations and exercises to identify and heal blocks and inhibitions relating to each Principle and facilitate self-enlightenment
  • E-mail interaction for questions, queries and problems if required
  • One free personal tutorial a month with me and an option for further paid tutorials, by phone
  • The option of a two day workshop (discounted) after course completion depending on demand

Anyone interested in training in the New Consciousness is required to submit an application form to confirm their suitability to do the course and only successful applicants are invited to participate. If you would prefer to receive the application form by post, please let us know. Otherwise please download the application form here.

Please contact me for more information if this would be helpful.

The fee for the six month New Consciousness Course is £750.00, which includes CDs, a comprehensive workbook and full tutorial support.



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