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Shamans listen and talk to spirits: everything we can see or conceive of in this reality, or any reality, has a spirit.

Working with the Elementals, healing, divination, soul retrieval and more are in the Shaman's toolkit.

As an example of how shamanism can help, you may have the situation whereby you have been in a car accident and now fear being in a car. This could be a sign of soul loss, and a shaman could, through a soul retrieval, enter non-ordinary reality to find the missing soul part and return it to you. If you feel unwell or out of balance, elemental healing could restore that balance. There is much more a Shaman can do besides.

Inlumino Global's Shamanic services are provided by James Weaver, a gifted and experienced Shaman. He offers soul retrievals in person or remotely, and one to one shamanic training in person.

Soul Retrievals cost £60

Shamanic Training is £80 per day to include refreshments but not travel nor accommodation costs.

James can be contacted at


“everything we can see, in any reality, has a spirit”