Spiritual Teaching

“In our humanity lies our spirituality”

Spiritual Teaching

There are many different opportunities to study spirituality in many different ways, and you will find the conduit to what is right for you if you follow the guidance of your heart and mind, and what feels right. I only want you to work with me if it feels comfortable, and you feel you can trust me.

I dislike labels and struggle sometimes to describe who I am and what I do, for labels are limiting and can be misleading. I believe I am a channel, a bridge between worlds, and hope through sharing my own learnings, understandings and experiences I can help you as a teacher too. I am interested in and have a little knowledge of esoteric philosophy and the ancient spiritual wisdoms about life on earth and far beyond, and love to share them through writing and teaching with whomever is interested to hear.

I respect the right of everyone to choose their own path of learning whether it is through me or someone else – or through just living life – and never would I say that my beliefs must be yours.

I am not a guru, or a priest, or a spiritual leader, I am a teacher who wants to share everything I know with you. I do not want deference or supplication, or to be put on a pedestal: I am human, and like you I learn; like you I make mistakes and try to grow from them; like you, I want to help the Planet and all who make her their home.

When you work with me, perhaps learn from me, I learn from you for which I thank you.
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How do I teach you? 
(How do we teach each other.)

If you are interested in learning more about spiritual philosophy and encouraging a spiritual life and understanding, I would be happy to work with you for a course of study with me for as long as is useful. Some people work with me for half an hour a month to discuss key subjects such as the Cosmic Rays or the Soul Initiations, for example.

The fee is £85 for a half hour. Sessions take place remotely by phone.

Other Opportunities to Learn From and With Me

Other opportunities to learn from and with me are:

  • an intensive half -day one-to-one soul training in person, details of which can be found
  • Workshops and seminars when there is the demand and the opportunity.

I have created sets of Oracle Cards on the Seven Principles, the Seven Rays and the Universal Laws which can be helpful as reminders, meditation and learning tools.

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