The Supportive Hand of God

October 23, 2023,
Claire Montanaro
honouring the animals and the land also.....

It is sobering to consider how far the movement of cosmic energy corresponds with what happens in our human world.  I wonder sometimes if our lives are a shadowy, illusory reflection of the immense complexity of divine design or, more prosaically, a physical reality influenced by the position of celestial bodies.  The truth may be far beyond our limited understanding.

While the supportive hand of God is upon each of us, it does not direct us or punish us, and how we react to subtle forces is the choice we make.  Nothing is forced upon us by way of deed or action, though planetary activity can encourage us to see, through our reactions, our weaknesses and also our strengths.  The person who is wise, the observer who is calm, the soul who is at peace will feel the power of spiritual forces, beyond and within, enhanced at certain times; the person who is challenged by emotion and subjectivity in his material world will be pulled deeper into her dark world as they react to the same cosmic change, but very differently.  The light of the soul does indeed determine our humanity.

With the imminence of an intense partial lunar eclipse and Full Moon this weekend, the coming days will provide another challenge for our world, a world already tested hard as we continue to witness and for some experience the cruel conflict in the Middle East and its reverberations everywhere.  Whatever its source, the planetary energy will reinforce with storm-like intensity the present focus on emotional outpouring, on questions of life and death and of change. Power – political, military and also economic – is shifting from one centre to another, not just involving Israel and Hamas but even from the Western world to new global authorities. Vested interests based on money and power are scrambling to maintain and enhance their positions while confusion is everywhere and anger expressed through protest is growing.  Souls truly are being tested.

Beyond the lunar eclipse and Full Moon, the coming Halloween reminds us about the Underworld and about honouring our ancestors as we remember that we too will pass into the Halls of the Dead one day.  This is a time where life and death are tightly woven together in uncertainty and sometimes cruelty for many people, and not just in Israel, Palestine and adjacent countries, but in every part of the world.  Halloween and the coming Full Moon and eclipse are timely for honouring them, and the animals and the land that suffer too.

While this is a sombre period in world history, it helps to remember that it is a time of transformation and renewal as the toxic energies of a receding era, fighting hopelessly for survival using tools that will fail them, are being superseded, invisibly but inexorably. 

Conflict and anger, cruelty and desire one day will die as will all that is on Earth.  The enlightened soul knows this, and will take comfort from this knowing as you watch and wait for the blessings to come and feel the hand of God upon you. All is well.

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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