Travellers of the Fields

January 19, 2024,
Claire Montanaro
Fieldfares were known as the travellers of the fields………

Many wonders come with winter, among them bird visitors such as redwing, waxwing, and fieldfares sweeping across our cold skies in search of fruits and berries.

In recent weeks a solitary fieldfare has settled here, taking advantage of apples frozen on their branches: they may be wizened now, but there is juice and flesh still to be found beneath the skin and this plump thrush will stay until the food is gone, and the earth warms. 

Fieldfares have been part of our country life for many centuries, another constant in this ever-changing world.  (How interesting it is to remember that all our constants derive from nature, whether it is the pattern of Earth, of time, of the cosmic world or of spirit.)  In the mediaeval era they were known as the travellers of the fields, respected, rightly, by the guardians of the fields for their beauty, agility and their humour.  I am thankful that fields and orchards exist still, for without them our winters would be lifeless.

We too, you and I, are travellers of the fields:  our roots go far back to the time when land, water and wildlife were all important for our existence, and there was great love as well as gratitude for the gift from God of a beautiful, flourishing, nurturing planet.  Spirituality was expressed through our bonds with nature:  the land was a temple and worship was not confined to church, but felt in all we saw and heard and smelled in the natural world that was known to be so much greater than ourselves. It was sometimes a hard world when the ground was frozen and food was scarce, but like the fieldfare we learned to make provision, and give thanks.

We are travellers also through the fields of time and of space, if we allow ourselves so to do.  Our challenge is to distinguish between the real constants of life, and what we are trained to believe are constants of truth and duty but which often are distortion created by vested interest.  Arguments relating to democracy, for example, Net Zero and climate change, viruses and vaccines are proving themselves temporary constants invented by men and women which are unreliable, even flawed, at best, however well-intentioned they may have been initially. 

When we recognise and challenge the shifting, spurious constants that are presented to us so often, we are able then to see the truth of life and what is important:  love for each other and our planetary home; to find and feel the love of God; to have gratitude for the gift of life on Earth for the benefit of our soul; and to trust and know that despite the chaos created by madmen, all will be well.  Travel your fields wisely and happily.

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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