Two Moons and Mirrors

October 18, 2020,
Claire Montanaro
…. magic and warning
Almost 10 years ago I wrote a blog post about seeing two moons, and I am a little startled that it is being read and commented upon still by people far beyond and unknown to me, another inquiry reaching me last night. 

The article refers to an earlier post on the subject, and a number of people have asked how to find it in order to read more:  despite many hours of searching I could not locate it and assumed that it became lost after several website upgrades, but it came to light today.  As I re-read it and a related post, after all this time, it seemed very relevant for our world now, and you may be interested to see some of what I wrote a decade ago.

1 March 2010. “Last night was cold and clear, but most beautiful.  The river which normally cascades loudly down the valley and around my house was quiet, which I have never known before, and the owls were silent.  There was nothing to distract from the panoply of stars, and the moon which was still full.

Despite the cold I sat on a bench by my pond looking at the reflection of the stars and the moon in the water for some time.  It was as if time had stopped.  Then I looked at the moon directly.  It was lit up as if it had the brightest light bulb possible within it, but draped across it was black barbed wire, like a crown of thorns.  After a moment the moon separated and a second moon emerged from the first, sliding across to sit alongside it.  It was the same size and colour, but this new moon was pure light.  The two moons were still side by side when it was time for me to leave them.

I believe that last night I witnessed the signs of an ending and a beginning, the emergence of a new lunar energy and another energetic shift.  I felt also that the moons were showing me what is happening to the planet: it is festooned in the barbed wire of negative materialism, destruction and chaos, but a new planet earth is rising from it which is pure and perfect.  It is our choice as to which of the two planets we wish to inhabit, and help to create.

The decision may seem obvious, but some people have chosen already to stay with the world they know, despite or indeed because of the barbed wire.”

2 March 2010.  “When I wrote [yesterday], I hesitated about including words that were given to me as I watched the two moons, in case they might be misunderstood.  I have decided to give them to you now, in the knowledge that you will interpret them in a positive and not a negative sense.  The words were “Chaos.  Confusion.  Obstruction.  Separation.”  If you relate the words to my interpretation given yesterday, you will understand, perhaps, what they mean, and more."

20 January 2011.  “We are surrounded by many inter-dimensional portals, but pre-occupied as we so often are by the limitations of being human they can be invisible – and something precious then is lost.

When I speak of being human, I am talking about being locked into a framework created by mind and by emotion in which soul and spirit lie largely forgotten as we are distracted by wants, what-ifs, labels, expectations, attachments and conditionalities.  Our biggest human challenge is to learn to see them for what they are when they arise in ourselves (and others), and to move beyond them.

Without them we can be ourselves, soul and spirit alive and visible in the physical vehicle which is our body and personality.  Without them we are limitless as we share God’s great adventure in perfect joy.  Without them we can move effortlessly through different dimensions and experience the miracles that are part of this in our human lives, naturally and gracefully, but in order to do so we need an innocence of trust and openness, and a loving heart.

Last year I wrote in my website blog about seeing, one winter night, two full moons appearing, coming together and then separating, and the meaning of this special event.  Readers were interested, but they saw it as a dream or vision, or imaginary, not understanding that I had described something real, something that was part of my reality.  I have stood with others who similarly have seen extraordinary suns, moons and stars in daylight or at night above us.  Such spectacular gifts are to be found everywhere, but so often our mental programming confines us to the limitations of the third dimension and prevents us seeing what else is there.

This will change one day, and it is not so far away.  Next time I will say more, perhaps about black cats that play with stars.”

Forgive me if I have bored you with repetition, but these are important reminders for me and perhaps for you about the wonders of the cosmos and the messages that are all around us, if we can look, and see – not just in the magnificence of a night sky dominated by a single or double or triple moon, but also in the beauty of a Grey Wagtail reflected in ripples of water, creating a mirror image but one that is touched by magic and warning, as an unfortunate dragonfly discovered.

 Barbed wire is everywhere, but it is easy to avoid if we know it is there, and wish so to do.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

4 comments on “Two Moons and Mirrors”

  1. Claire, what a wonderful, inspirational and ultimately hopeful post. Yes, we face challenges to our current way of being in the world, but what is change if not challenge? Our error, I believe is in assuming that the current way of being is the only option. As you rightly point out, over and over again, this is not the case.

    1. How lovely of you to write in this way, Linda, thank you. I feel hope and optimism very, very strongly about the way forward for our world, despite it not being easy! In the end, it is up to each of us to create the world we want.

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