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I have put together a list of spiritual services and people which you may find useful.

I know all of them personally and they come with my recommendation as people of principle! (The descriptions of their services are in their own words and I cannot guarantee their  validity or outcome.)

Channelling and Spiritual Development

Claire Montanaro at Inlumino Global
As a psychic and channel and spiritual teacher, Claire is a conduit of wisdom, guidance and enlightenment for those who seek her help. Energies from high realms of consciousness work through and with her, and They call Themselves the Masters of Light.

Semele Xerri at Triple Moon
Semele works with the Tarot and a variety of  light beings, particularly the Star Council who are part of the Council of God.

Judith Bogner,
Shamanic healer and teacher who serves her clients on their journey towards wholeness and well-being.
Reiki, and Karmic and other Healing
Claire Montanaro at Inlumino Global

Psychic Healing
Semele Xerri at Triple Moon
Intuitive psychic healing to bring well-being, joy and at-one-ment with your soul and Spirit.

Psychic Surgery, soul healing and mindfulness guide
Kate Goslett

Rita Lewis at

Past life Regression
Janet Thompson
Yvonne Hill at

Diana Altman at

James Weaver at
Shamanic training and healing at all levels of shamanic studies from beginners to advanced, and for groups and individuals in person or from a distance.

Spiritual tools
Crystal Essences - Inlumino Global
Essences made with pure Welsh water from deep underground springs, with moonlight, sunlight and starlight and imbued with the energies of certain crystals to heal, strengthen and transform.

Crystals - Aristia
Created by Mike Eastwood, this is a unique mail order service and shop selling the highest quality crystals and other tools to assist the soul and human journey.

Oracle Cards - Inlumino Global
Card sets in three essential aspects of spiritual teaching to help those who are interested in knowing more about the work easily, or in using the cards for divination, meditation as well as for learning and as an aide-memoire.

Angel paintings - Alison Knox at Everyday Angels
Remarkable and beautiful paintings of the guardian angel and other protecting angels who assist each human on their life and cosmic journey.

Soul Paintings - Felicity Heavenor at Painting the Soul
Truly beautiful and evocative paintings........

Inspirational Speaking
Claire Montanaro at Inlumino Global
Claire provides wisdom and enlightenment through her books, blogs, lectures and TV and radio appearances.

Anne Jones
Anne travels the world giving workshops, personal sessions, TV and radio appearances to bring personal empowerment and well being though healing

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