The Seven Principles


Some years ago, I and a friend and colleague, each working on opposite sides of the world in different hemispheres, were asked by Spirit to determine and eventually to reveal and teach the Principles which underpin human life and which underpin our spirituality.

Together we identified six Principles, and I have added a seventh, to complete the teaching.

I myself have studied and practised the Principles in depth, and increasingly I am convinced of their importance and effectiveness. They encompass the totality of human and spiritual life, anytime, anywhere, and they embody the key precepts of the Universal Laws. Our world, largely, has forgotten or chosen to ignore them: it is time now to reveal and teach the Principles as they apply today, to those who will resonate with and learn from them.

What are the Principles?

  • Be Who you Are
  • Be Discerning
  • See the Illusion
  • Be Accepting
  • Live Simply
  • Live Kindly
  • Be All That Is

How can I learn about them?

The Principles of the New Consciousness are taught to suitable applicants through a six month correspondence course. Please go here for more information.

The Principles in Meditation

A channelled guided meditation on each of the Principles is available on CD. Please go here for further information and to buy.




New Consciousness Principles Image