We have produced a range of crystal essences, or elixirs, which are very special and with more to come.

They are made with pure Welsh water from deep underground springs, with moonlight, sunlight and starlight and imbued with crystal energy from carefully selected crystals. Each one is overshadowed by a Master and is connected to one of the Seven Rays.

How to Use The Essences

The Essences are very powerful and should be used sparingly - ususally two drops beneath the tongue twice daily. Depending on which one you choose to use, they will help to strengthen and empower you, to overcome certain human frailties, to support your spiritual healing, and will link you to the Master who is a part of it. They can be used for yourself, to heal lands and places, for protection and also to help also plants and animals. They can heal karma and restore balance.

Due to their individual power and essence, I recommend strongly that you complete and finish taking your chosen Elixir before you try another from the range.

They are much esteemed by those who have used them.

The Elixir Range

Currently we offer:

  • The Ray One Elixir (power, intent, action)
  • The (Ray Two) Christ Elixir (healing, teaching, loving)
  • The Ray Three Elixir (mental achievement, discernment)
  • The Ray Four Elixir (creativity, beauty, harmony)
  • The Ray Six Elixir (Vision, mysticism, purity)
  • The Buddha Essence (clarity, compassion, wisdom).

Further essences will be offered to complete the range, when the time is right.

You can read more about the essences in our Shop.