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The 7 Cosmic Rays: Transforming the Human, Directing the Soul


A 3-Part Downloadable Audio-Course with Claire Montanaro


The 7 Cosmic Rays are great bands of energy that, together, comprise all the qualities of God, and each Ray represents one particular aspect of our Universal Source. The Rays are in you and in everything around you: the Rays make you who and what you are, as a human being and at the level of your soul, and they are of vital importance.

I am delighted to offer you the chance to participate in a 3-part intensive course on the 7 Rays, conducted in the context of our changing world and your own spiritual and human journey through this lifetime and beyond.

Led by me, Claire Montanaro, the course will benefit students from all backgrounds and levels of knowledge: while some of the teaching will expand upon the work on the Rays of Alice Bailey and other esoteric writers, other aspects will be unique to this course, deriving from Spirit as channelled to me. Each of the 3 seminars is one hour in length, and is available as an mp3 download to hear in your own time.


What you will gain

Through teaching, practical exercises and guided meditations created for the course, you will:

  • Learn about the nature, meaning and importance of the Rays
  • Explore your soul journey, and how the Rays influence it
  • Be given the tools to identify which Rays governs your soul, personality, mind, emotions, body, and that part of you which is Spirit
  • Uncover your human gifts, and, through your knowledge of the Rays, learn how to enhance them even more, use them, and turn your frailties into strengths
  • See how your relationships and other human factors are affected directly by the Rays, and what to do about it
  • Understand the impact of the Rays on world events, especially the ascension of the Planet

Through your fuller understanding of the meaning of the Rays, you will be ready to epitomise the qualities of your soul, which essentially is the reason for your existence. You will learn to be who you are.

This is a fascinating, dynamic and provocative approach to an esoteric and too little-known subject. The Rays deserve to be better understood and used. I would love you to be part of this opportunity to bring the Rays more into the present day, and consciously into your life. If you choose to work actively and knowingly with your Rays, your life will be transformed.

The Fee for the Course is £25 per session, and each of the 3 sessions can be purchased separately.

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“…..a fascinating, dynamic and provocative approach to an esoteric and too little-known subject”