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The Inlumino Global Spiritual Blog

Fiery August

So often August is a sleepy month as nature is getting ready for another change of season.  It is a time of holidays, of leaves starting to change colour and there is a hint of autumn – or spring – in the cool dawn mists.  Here in the Cambrian Mountains the house martins are on […]
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Give and Take at the Full Moon

Here in the heart of the Celtic lands, July is filled with the signs of endings and beginnings as young birds fledge and their parents discard worn feathers while perhaps nesting anew or returning to their winter territory or even, if old, dying, their work in a happy life done. 
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A Solstice Hare

If you look for it, Spirit gives us a gift every day, a reminder of God’s love for us and of the blessing of being alive on our beautiful Earth.
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Letting Go

We human beings can be obstinate, clinging on to familiar patterns and habits and people because of fear of change, perhaps also out of inertia and a reluctance to give up something we prize.  Letting go can be hard.
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Dandelions at Wesak

Many weeds are despised for being untidy and unworthy of a neat garden, just as people are judged too often by their appearance or apparent insignificance.  For some gardeners, plants that appear naturally and from nowhere are unwelcome guests that must be sprayed or pulled without consideration for what good they may bring with them, […]
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Easter and the nature of your Soul

When Jesus served on Earth some 2000 years ago, as part of his teaching and example he underwent all the initiations it was possible for a man to experience, tested and tested again about the challenges of being human, and being human well.  He showed us how to be our best despite or because of […]
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Murmurations in Ukraine

Long ago were there no boundaries defining countries or continents, just a seemingly endless expanse of un-named lands and seas for nomadic hunters and farmers to explore in their quest for survival and through their human curiosity.  If satellite tracking had existed then, the constant flow of people roaming around the world over thousands of […]
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Ukraine and the Initiations

Russian attacks on nuclear plants in Ukraine and the serious possibility of a significant escalation in the use of battlefield weapons brings the sense of personal vulnerability much closer.  The uncertainty for we who watch is unsettling, but it is right that we share directly or indirectly in the pain of the world that is […]
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Putin and the Will to Good

Power can create arrogance: arrogance changes people and can bring about their downfall.  One way or another arrogance never works, it never lasts and it never pays.
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Uneasy Spring Comfort

Unease is everywhere in our human world. 
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