Kind words

“Thank you once again for wisdom and insight Claire"
LP, London
"Claire is an exceptionally gifted channel and lovely woman. She and the Masters have become my #1 source for clear guidance but even more so, deep conversation in order to understand the reasoning of circumstances and I calling about. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to understand their lives from a spiritual perspective."
"I've just finished reading your book and I found it very very interesting and useful, thank you."
"My contact with Claire and the Masters has not been for long but I can certainly say that the channellings and support from Claire have been life changing. So much so that I am about to embark on Claire's Spiritual Development training to change my life and perspective even more. Bring it on!"
LM, Sussex
"I have recently enjoyed reading your book 'Spiritual Wisdom', it was unputdownable! As I was reading it I somehow felt I knew it was 'the truth' and I'm keen to explore this further."
"A particularly interesting channelling session with some quite revelatory answers regarding current world events. Your book is right on tract with what I believe. It is written so your message is easy to understand. I am so grateful for your book. It has changed my life. I will cherish it always. I am grateful for your word. Thank you for writing it."
"I borrowed [your book] and read much of it and was very excited by what I read. I felt like my mind was on fire. I'd like my own copy. I've also recommended it to a friend .Thanks so much. I found it so clear and simply written, very easy to grasp."
"Thank you so much for your kind words and your book - I am absolutely loving it. I have added it to the reading list for all my Reiki students and we will be using some of your meditations in my meditation group practice. Thank you so much it is fantastic! Bailey and Your book explains everything so well - in plain English."
JE, Oxon
"Inadequate use of words but, know you will understand, when I say a Huge, Big, Thank you for the extra-ordinary Gift of your Winter Solstice Guided Meditation ....!"
"My many thanks to you, Claire. I have not the words to adequately express my gratitude and joy that I feel towards you and all the selfless gifts you provide."
JT, New York
"Thank you for all that you do for the planet and the myriad of fortunate beings 'being' on it."
MF, Oregon
"The continued support the Masters of Light and yourself offer is a ray of light for me."
RD, London
"I found [the solstice meditation] extraordinarily powerful and beautiful. I loved the music and felt it really facilitated my journey through the meditation."
"The meditation was so lovely and meaningful with such an important shedding and examining of old and new, igniting a clear and bright path for the year to come filled with joy and wisdom, fulfilment and promise."
JN, London
"I recently bought one of Claire's Elixirs and I am extremely impressed by the product. It arrived in the post beautifully packaged, and as I held it, I could instantly feel the love and good intention that was sent with it. I waited until I was ready to meditate and then sampled the elixir. The taste was subtle but powerful. The action of using the elixir made my meditation even more vivid and its effect stayed with me all day. Highly recommended!"
AC, Oxon
"I feel so privileged to have been your student and gained such insight and wisdom from the New Consciousness course as well as your workshops."
AB, Ireland
"This course transformed my life.
I felt fully supported in this life-changing process.
The course has given me a foundation, a solid footing to walk through the world.
My perspective has undergone a radical shift and I know the changes will ripple through my life for months and years to come.
The cohesiveness of the course allowed me a vehicle to rediscover how to 'be'. In an ever changing world they provided an anchor for me to regain my sense of self.
The Principles lead to Mastery.
The public channelling was full of interesting questions and rich in answers."
"Wow! The transcript from your Masters of Light was brilliant! What an excellent idea to offer this broad area of questioning at an affordable price - and it is also fascinating to see what other people are focused on through their questions."
AC, Oxford
"My channelling with Claire was life-changing and the guidance very uplifting. Thank you!"
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