I am a seer, mystic, and teacher wishful to give knowledge and tools to support and encourage your human journey as you grow spiritually.


Based in a beautiful and sacred part of mid-Wales, and through Inlumino Global which I founded in 1996, I assist men, women and sometimes children, all over the world in person, by phone, or via the internet, and offer my spiritual knowledge through radio appearances, articles and social media, and also through my book, Spiritual Wisdom.

Inlumino Global is about soul training for spiritual growth: it is about learning how to be spiritual, and about developing your spirituality for peace of mind, heart and soul. It is about your spiritual wisdom but it is also about helping you with the challenges of life in order for you to enjoy this lifetime to the full.

The organisation was established in 1996 in order to encourage personal transformation and global harmony.  Our work includes channelling, psychic guidance (when I am more “present”),  courses, one to one training, and coaching.

Additionally, I am happy to offer guided meditations which are created and recorded by me as well as guided meditation training and techniques: through the meditations people are able to expand their spiritual consciousness and learn much about themselves and their path.

Through my regular blog, articles and media appearances I give a spiritual perspective on current events and matters of general spiritual interest. Additionally I offer products for practical support including my powerful Elixirs, and talks and meditations on CD. I am the author of Spiritual Wisdom.

My partner in the business is James Weaver, an experienced and gifted teacher and practitioner of Elemental Shamanism, and shamanic services are available through us if you choose. Working with nature and assisting the rebalancing of the Planet is an important aspect of what we do.

My background is a little unusual, in that I was for many years seen as a successful businesswoman working internationally in the world of the military, finance and politics. My life and path changed in 1996 following a profound spiritual wake-up call which caused me to leave the corporate world and begin my service to spirit, and then to bring into creation Inlumino Global.

You can read what clients have said about my work here.

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