The Universal Laws

“Timeless wisdoms about life and spirit”

The Universal Laws

The great Universal, or Spiritual, Laws are the ancient but perennial Truths which encompass every aspect of living as a spiritual being.  They always have been of interest to me, and it is time to bring this body of knowledge back to the world – until now very little information has been available. These Truths are based on principles of common sense, and they apply to every era throughout history and to people of every age. They are the basis for the philosophy of the New Consciousness which underpins all my work.

The Laws describe how to behave and be, in order to maximise our spiritual potential, but they also explain much about our cosmic links and spiritual heritage. By understanding what they mean, however broadly, you will understand, literally, the meaning of life, of being spiritual, and the meaning of God.

There are 88 Laws, but most of these timeless wisdoms about life and Spirit have been forgotten: it is time for them to be brought to light again and used to help the human and soul journey.

To make it as easy as possible to learn about the Laws I have created a unique card set; It is the only compilation of Law Cards in existence that I know of. To find out more and to purchase the cards, go to the Product page.

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