The Chakras

“Chakras are connectors to the soul and spirit”

The Chakras

There are seven principal chakras, or energy centres, and for you as a human they are related to the spine and the endocrine glands.  It is not just people who have a chakra system, you see.  Earth has one; each country has one; each mountain or river has one; all animals have one too.  The chakra points of a geographical area can be very powerful both spiritually and energetically, and ley lines (lines of strong spiritual energy on which sacred sites are often found) are often associated with them.

Chakras are connectors to the soul and spirit, and keep you in balance spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  If a chakra is blocked or is not functioning properly, then the corresponding part of your life will be affected.  When all your chakras are ‘“spinning’” clearly and freely you will be living in perfect health at all levels.

The seven chakras are:

First:  the base, or root, chakra which is situated at the very bottom of the spine.  Its colour is red, and it grounds you in the physical world.

Second: the sacral chakra is just above the pubic area.  It is orange, and concerns creativity and reproduction.

Third: the solar plexus chakra is above the naval, and is known as the seat of the emotions.  It is yellow.

Fourth: the heart chakra is, as you might expect, over the heart area, and it is pink or green.  It deals with love and compassion, both for yourself and for giving out to others.

Fifth: the throat chakra is over the throat.  It is blue, and deals with the different aspects of communication.

Sixth: the ‘“third eye’” chakra is between the eyebrows and is indigo in colour.  This chakra concerns psychic abilities – literally, using a psychic ‘“eye’” to see beyond the world of matter.

Seventh: the crown chakra is violet, and is situated on the top of the head.  It concerns your spirituality and your connection to God.

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