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Coronavirus Channelling 2nd April 2020

It is easy to forget, at times of crisis, the love and support of Spirit which at this time of all times wants to help us directly and unconditionally.  As part of this, it seems timely for the Masters of Light, the voice of Spirit, to speak more publicly once again, giving a spiritual perspective and guidance on the Coronavirus pandemic in this new channelling recorded in April 2020.

The channelling lasts for 40 minutes, and questions were kindly presented by James Weaver.

Coronavirus Channelling

Public Channelling September 2019

Public channelling by Claire recorded 5th September 2019, and kindly facilitated by Semele Xerri.

Subjects covered include:

  • Brexit and its impact
  • Nationalism and corporatism
  • Trade wars and recession
  • The legalisation of drugs
  • The mini ice age
  • Hollow Earth
  • Sending light
  • The separation between new and old Earth
  • Soul contracts
  • Crop circles
  • Alien contact and the threat to humanity

Duration: 1hr. 05 mins

Public Channelling September 2019

Public Channelling November 2018

This public channelling covers questions on:

  • Global warming
  • Rising sea levels
  • The dangers of wireless technology
  • Reducing population growth
  • The violence that prevails on the planet
  • Transgender issues
  • Alien life as depicted in the ancient texts
  • Is Gaia leaving Earth?
  • Earth and the photon belt
  • How are souls created?

The facilitator was Semele Xerri. The recording lasts for 1 hour.


Public Channelling November 2018

Public channelling 30th May 2017

My latest public channelling includes topics on Donald Trump, Macron, the possibility of a world war, negativity in the news, undoing the damage to the planet, the creation of a New Earth, exhaustion, earth changes, the location of human consciousness, and astrology.

The facilitator for the channelling was Semele Xerri.

The recording lasts for  72 minutes.

Public channelling May 2017

Public Channelling August 2016

Here you will find a public channelling in which the Masters of Light answer questions submitted by the public, through Claire Montanaro. It lasts for 1 hour and 8 mins.

Topics addressed include:

  • The nature of our changing, disintegrating world
  • Brexit and parallels with Atlantis
  • Aggressiveness in society
  • Political change in South Africa
  • Iraq and the aftermath
  • Democracy and the future
  • Global warming
  • Veganism
  • Who are the Masters of Light, and what is their purpose?
  • God’s Light and free will.

Thank you to everyone who contributed - including those whose questions could not be included, and to Semele Xerri for being both co-ordinator and questioner.

Public channelling August 2016

Public Channelling June 2015

Thank you to everyone who contributed some most interesting questions for the public channelling in June 2015.

They include questions on:

  • How to solve the Mediterranean migrant problem
  • Endangered wildlife
  • The source of water on Earth
  • Extra terrestrials and the technology of ancient Egypt
  • Mother Earth, her feelings and progression
  • Backdrop people
  • Earth's role in the Plan of God, and what is the Plan itself
  • The emergence of the New Earth
  • The lifespan of children today
  • The unravelling of the global financial systems


The recording lasts for 1 hour 8 minutes.

Public channelling June 2015

Public Channelling 4th July 2014

The July 2014  public channelling through Claire includes questions concerning global disasters, the future of the EU, the football World Cup, Spirit in the workplace, childhood obesity, the divine masculine and feminine, the abuse of women, the new Golden Age, extra-terrestrials on Earth, and the paradox of being unique and yet part of the one-ness.

Public channelling July 2014

Channelling August 2013

The questions that the Masters have answered in this latest channelling were submitted by Inlumino Global supporters – thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contribute. Topics include:

  • How to stay focused in these challenging times
  • The triggers to alter obsolete or toxic cultures in this time of change
  • The possibility of a world war
  • China, and the causes of her environmental issues
  • Karma, and retribution for war crimes
  • The meaning behind the spraying by planes of chemicals into the air
  • The second sun and second moon
  • The cycles of incarnation, and enlightenment
  • Holding information in our bones
  • The mission of the rainbow children, and their education.
Channelling August 2013

2013 Insight Channelling December 2012

I recorded the latest public channelling by the Masters of Light in early December and the audio file is available below for you to hear. The questions that the Masters have answered were submitted by Inlumino Global members – thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contribute.

Subjects covered include:

  • How to prepare now for 2013
  • The future for old and new energy supplies and their sources including free energy
  • The impact and prognosis for rising sea levels in the world
  • The evolution of Gaia and the work, and visibility, of Her elementals
  • The prevailing abuse of power and sexual energy in our world - why, and the future
  • Ego and the shift of human consciousness
  • The merging of realities as dreams become reality and the third dimension seems to fall apart –Spirit’s role
  • Glastonbury as the spiritual heart chakra of the planet
  • The future of time, and linear time in the context of the ascension of Gaia.
2013 Insight Channelling

Channelling August 2012

I would like to offer you this channelling of answers to questions posed by members. This channelling with the Masters of Light recorded on 29th August 2012 raises the following subjects: What we can do to help the planet's transition; the future of the EU; souls and reincarnation; the oversoul of humanity; the purpose of children in these times; overpopulation; humanity's contribution to the Plan of God; the battle between good and evil; the impact of the photon belt. It lasts for an hour.

Channelling August 2012

Channelling April 2010

A channelling through Claire Montanaro of answers to questions posed by members of the Inlumino Global Community recorded in April 2010. Duration 45 minutes.

Channelling April 2010

Channelling February 2010

A channelling through Claire Montanaro of answers to questions posed by members of the Inlumino Global Community recorded in February 2010. Duration 57 minutes.

Channelling February 2010
“Messages from God come in many forms”