How to be Spiritual

“….living a spiritual life in practice”

What is spirituality?

Being spiritual means learning through the experiences of life, growing and transforming until the light of your soul shines through everything you do. It is being who you are in your true essence - in wisdom, in joy and in kindness, part of the human community but filled with Spirit, living a spiritual life in practice.

Spirituality in Action

So, at this point it may be helpful to summarise what it means to be spiritual:

  • Think of others before yourself.
  • Always have the best possible intentions in thoughts, words and action.
  • Offer a helping hand whenever you see the opportunity.
  • Do your best, always.
  • Be discerning, with compassion.
  • Learn to observe yourself, other people and world events with detachment.
  • Do not be judgemental of yourself or others.
  • Accept you may make mistakes and see them as opportunities to grow.
  • Have kindness and respect for all life.
  • Remember that you are part of a cosmic and divine totality.  As such your potential is limitless.

Meanwhile, I don’t want you to feel daunted by the advice I have given you so far!  It does not mean you have to live a life of austerity or joylessness!  Far from it.  My intention is to assist you to enjoy your life and soul’s journey as much as possible and for it to be as free from bumps and wrinkles as possible.

So, don’t take yourself too seriously and learn to laugh when the unexpected happens, when you find yourself repeating the same pattern AGAIN.  See everything that occurs as being an important part of your path even if you can’t see the bigger meaning immediately and remember that you are not expected to have to live as a saint!  You are an individual with a personality that is perfect for your purpose of being on Earth, and that includes having idiosyncrasies and frailties unique to you and which exist to teach you and the other people who are part of your life. “

Extract from “Spiritual Wisdom” by Claire Montanaro