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Psychic Readings


Some people prefer a less rarified way of communicating with Spirit!

A psychic guidance session is an alternative option to the more formal channellings, using my clairvoyant ability. They are channelled too but less formally in that I work more consciously and so speak with my normal voice and am more "present" during the session. They are particularly helpful in assisting everyday dilemmas, work and relationship issues and difficult decisions that may have to be made in these times of change.

As I work with conscious awareness, I also have the flexibility to do healing, past life regression and clearing of karmic vows, for example in the course of the session if this is called for. While I am "present" during it, I will remember little if anything of what is discussed afterwards.

These sessions, like a channelling or coaching session, are available by phone or face-to-face in person. You may choose from appointments lasting 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour. (Please note that appointments for a psychic reading in person are for one hour and not less.)


What if it's urgent?

I understand that in this changing world, you may be faced with a dilemma or predicament that requires a quick decision.

If you find yourself in such a situation and feel I could help but a regular scheduled appointment is too far away, then it may be possible to arrange for a short-notice psychic reading (or channelling) by phone or e-mail within a few days. There is an additional charge for short-notice appointments.

Go here for more information on urgent appointments and here for e-mail support.



Unless you request otherwise, I will record your session and send it to your e-mail address.

(Please note that recordings are deleted after a week for reasons of data protection and confientiality, and you are advised to save the recording to your computer if you wish to listen to it again in the future.)


Making an appointment

It is easy to arrange an appointment for a psychic guidance session - either let me know what you would like from what is available on the Website Calendar using the online application system, or contact me directly to discuss what time and day is best for us both and I will do my best to accommodate you.


Paying for an appointment

Payment can be made easily using any credit or debit card of your choice, or Paypal, through the Shop. Please tell me if you wish to pay by some other method or by card through the Office instead.

Please do not make your payment until your appointment has been arranged. I appreciate fee payment beforehand.

24 hours’ notice of an appointment change or cancellation is required or the full fee payment will be expected.



  • £140 for one hour,  £115.00 for 45 minutes, or £80.00 for a half hour, for channelling,  psychic reading and coaching sessions. The fee includes a recording of your session.
  • £120.00 for a half hour for short-notice or urgent appointments if regular scheduled appointments are unavailable.


Booking and Paying:

Go here to book, and here to pay, when your request has been agreed.

Please note that, while I (with the Ascended Masters) can see into the future and am happy to give guidance on it, I am not a fortune teller: your future depends on your choices and actions. My intent, in all my work, is to give you information and guidance, wisdom from Spirit, to help you maximise your enjoyment of and fulfilment in life, and to progress your soul's journey with peace of mind and heart.

Nothing I say or channel is mandatory: it is always about choice, and also about your personal responsibility as to what you do with the guidance given.


See also: Channelling,  Coaching and  One to one Intensives.





“……..particularly helpful in assisting everyday dilemmas….”