2011 Predictions by the Master of Light Through Claire Montanaro

It is a pleasure to be a part of the discussions concerning occurrences to come in the year 2011 of your time. While of course the details and degree of these great events remain yet to be determined, dependent as they are upon human choice in the moment, the template is in place and may be shared.

It will be a year of joy, drama, humour and often uncertainty - and this latter quality is of the greatest importance in assisting you to accept and appreciate that your human and personal life is an adventure into the unknown. As the veils around your planet thin more and more - as they will - so your sense of spiritual knowingness will increase but simultaneously your sense of human knowingness will more and more be called into question and found to be baseless. Some of the time you will feel as if your life has been turned upside down and all that you thought was fixed and sure and permanent will prove to be amorphous, like trying to grasp mist, it will prove to have no substance.

Not only will this sense of impermanence and illusion affect your own life, it will change the way you view the world about you. You will have no choice in this. For too long the truth of what is real and what is false has been suppressed by those who have the capacity to manipulate this truth, sometimes for their own subjective reasons and sometimes because they have believed the people do not have the capacity to accept it - to protect them if you will. With the thinning of the veils that We have referred to will come, inevitably, transparency to dispel the clouds of illusion. It will be as if the great Archangel Gabriel, truly God's messenger, lifts a finger to flick away the blinkers, and there is more than mere metaphor in Our words here.

The truth of what has been occurring will not come to light all at once, but will emerge steadily over several years yet to come. The year ahead and the one beyond it will be significant in this regard however, and the more you demand to have the truth the quicker will be the resolution. And when you have it, after initial discombobulation you will recognise it is what you have always known, in your heart, and the shock will dissipate.

In the 2011, more will be revealed about the ephemeral and outmoded nature of your global financial systems, and the cynical abuse of the environmental infrastructure will become more and more apparent, which is necessary in order for the situation to be ameliorated before irreversible damage to the balance of nature is caused by shortsightedness, carelessness, selfishness and greed. The situation here is far graver than is generally known, and We say this with a heavy heart. It is not enough to say, it is the fault of the politicians or the farmers or the scientists or the corporates, nothing to do with me, for it is your responsibility also. What have you done about it? You will have the opportunity to act in the year before you, no doubt about it, and it will be your choice as to what you do and how far you go.

The karmic implications of the abuse of your precious planet over many, many years are enormous, and the rebalancing of that karma will be accelerating. You will see and may indeed feel how She deals with it. There will be peaks of earth activity beginning early in the year both as a reminder to you all and also to assist Her en-livenment which is part of Her transformation to sacredness. The thinning of the veil is a necessary part of this process. Through co-operation, love and understanding you as an individual and as a part of the human race can share the joy of what is occurring, the planetary ascension which is what has been intended since the first creation of your planet Earth. How far you are a part of it is up to you, but the potential for spiritual growth is enormous, and will be increasingly visible in the 2011.

More practically, the territorial arguments for control of resources will intensify and the issue of water - shortages and availability thereof - will begin to come to the fore. There is just time for your scientists to identify new ways to harvest flood and sea water, and to recycle what is waste so that nothing is lost. Not only will practices known and used for centuries to purify pollution in the waters and the ground be proven, but more and more will it be remembered how to help the physical body to heal itself, thereby minimising the need for medical intervention or chemical intrusion. Technology generally will be under scrutiny and indeed it may be vulnerabilities in your systems become apparent as the dependency upon them for life support becomes out of proportion. As uncertainty about the economic and social fabric of your societies increases so too there may be more unrest, as people's expectations and illusions are increasingly challenged.

So, your year ahead will be one of discovery, opportunity, learning and growth. There will be surprises and wonders, some storms but many calms. Please know above all that the Love and Light of God will be with you, to guide, guard and protect all the many noble souls on Earth, of which, of course, you are one. All will be well.

By Claire Montanaro
Published in Sedona Journal Of Emergence