“Food for thought?”

Did Money Talk Too Much on Super Tuesday

The struggle to find the next Republican presidential candidate limped on as ten states voted for their man on Super Tuesday. Watching from across the waters, one of the big issues, it seemed to me, is about identity. Who are they, really?

Fire in the Middle East - Egypt's Role in Achieving the New Consciousness

Because our planet is governed by the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict it is inevitable that its transition to sacred status will come about as a result of strife possibly expressed in a number of ways. We are seeing now the tensions between the old ways and the new, secrecy versus transparency, self-centredness versus altruism, and physical conflict too may be necessary to jolt us out of apathy and precipitate change that is visible and permanent.

French Voters Illustrate the Desire for Change and the Failure of the EU

Political disillusionment and the desire for change are the key messages from France after the first presidential electoral round, and while commentators seem surprised by the results, I am not.

It Started With A Blow To The Head

Until I was heading comfortably towards middle age I had no interest in spirituality at all and my ignorance about such matters was almost total. My life was the epitome of conventionality – born into a middle-class military family, the eldest of six children, grammar school, university and then joining the army myself and serving around the world for 16 years. There was marriage and then a civilian career as a political lobbyist for a leading British bank, and it was during this time that I received my spiritual wake-up call.

Predictions and Guidance for 2014

By The Masters of Light, through Claire Montanaro for Sedona Journal of Emergence

Predictions by The Masters of Light 2011

Published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

The Pain of the Greek People Creates a Political Tipping Point

The pain of the people of Greece now is a reminder of what may come for many of us in weeks and months to come. It is reality, the truth behind the bland words of world leaders.

The Spiritual Life of Pets and Other Animals

Animals have souls too. Domesticated animals can be highly evolved and very wise, and they reincarnate as we do.

The Universal Laws

The Universal, or Spiritual Laws, are the ancient but perennial Truths which encompass every aspect of living as a spiritual being. All teaching about what it means to be spiritual is underpinned by these Truths, which are based on principles of common sense and which apply to every era throughout history, and to people of every age.

Yoga Magazine Article

The Soul Journey of Light, Published in Yoga Magazine, November 2013