It Started with a Blow to the Head…

Until I was heading comfortably towards middle age I had no interest in spirituality at all and my ignorance about such matters was almost total. My life was the epitome of conventionality – born into a middle-class military family, the eldest of six children, grammar school, university and then joining the army myself and serving around the world for 16 years. There was marriage and then a civilian career as a political lobbyist for a leading British bank, and it was during this time that I received my spiritual wake-up call.

Until then my focus had been on doing my job as best I could, on being what was expected of me socially and societally (the perfect hostess, the dutiful daughter, a high achiever, immaculate clothes and make-up, the latest 'must-have'...) with the result that I was, I realise now, from my early childhood always striving to be someone other people wanted me to be rather than myself. People saw what appeared to be an enviable life of success and recognition, international travel, a good income and a busy social life, but in fact I was so stressed I developed a serious back problem, and had no sense of fun or joy, only responsibility. I was not very happy in my life, particularly since the burden of trying to be someone I was not led to massive self-judgement, guilt and fear of failure.

Then my world was turned upside down overnight and was never to be the same again.
It was on 11 January 1995 that it happened. My route home from my job in the City was a train ride to Chorleywood and then a short walk down a steep uneven path which led from the station to the village where I lived. Normally the path was well lit by several street lights, but that night every light was out and it was in complete darkness. I was the first commuter to leave the station: unable to see anything, I moved ahead gingerly but despite my care I caught my heel in a deep rut and fell forward.

As I went down I felt myself being picked up and then, three times, my head was smashed on the ground. I have been told by a witness that, from behind, it looked as if my body bounced down the hill like a toy. I was knocked out, unsurprisingly, and came round to find a group of concerned fellow-travellers surrounding me, one of whom helped me home where my husband was waiting for me. I was in a bad state -- sore, faint and shaken with my face swelling already and covered in blood, so he helped me clean myself up and put me to bed.

I was concussed and in shock and went into a deep sleep immediately. It was about three hours later that I was roused from my sleep as if I had been tapped on the shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw standing at the bottom of my bed the figure of a man dressed in robes with shoulder-length wavy hair. He was as tall as the height of the room and broad commensurately, and I could see him clearly. It was a most beautiful face, with remarkable, unforgettable eyes which looked straight into mine with great intensity and seriousness. I gazed back. I felt no fear. I was calm but puzzled, wondering who this was and if it were a dead relative who was visiting me. In my mind I went through all the possibilities but was unable to match him to anyone I had known.
He and I continued to look at each other for some time until eventually I was released and went back to sleep. I know now it was the Christ, the World Teacher , who came to me.

The next day I discussed what had happened with my husband, who had slept through the experience much to his chagrin, and neither of us could explain it. As my face and body recovered from the fall everything seemed to return to normal, except that I was left with a vague sense of longing and dissatisfaction with my life and the desire to do something to help in the world – though without knowing who or how.

To cut a long story short, soon after that I met someone locally who introduced me to the concept of chakras and I was away. My spiritual journey, begun many lifetimes before, had resumed and my life was changed for ever. I was no longer interested in being the image of the dedicated professional businesswoman I had cultivated for so long, but was focused on helping others to achieve peace of mind, heart and soul through spiritual understanding where I could.

The path of learning and remembering was rapid and wonderful to me, and I am filled with gratitude for my wake-up call and the opportunities which came from it. It was as if a veil had been lifted and I found as I read and studied ancient texts and modern spiritual theories that I knew already, innately, much of what I was given and could discern what, for me, was accurate or not so accurate. The acceptance and application of these truths into my life helped me see the totality of who I am as part of the cosmic whole, and it transformed and enriched my existence.

A psychic unfolding occurred also and I found I had abilities as a medium, clairvoyant and channel that, before, I would not have believed was possible. Clients came to me more and more for help and guidance and I began to run spiritual development classes for people, in groups and also through the Internet, to help them expand their level of consciousness and to teach them the core spiritual truths. Requests for me to speak on these matters publicly came to me and my work expanded to become international.
I found, as I taught the spiritual wisdoms, that many people wanted to know where they could learn more about this subject, and while I could point them to this book or that book, I knew of no publication that drew the information together comprehensively and in a format that was easily understandable and that was practical for today's world. Thus my book Spiritual Wisdom was born.

While my wake-up call was dramatic, it does not mean that in order to be reminded of your spirituality you must have the same sort of experience as I did. It may be that it happened that way for me because I was particularly stubborn or reluctant to see what was in front of me! It is different for everybody and some people are drawn onto their path as a child, some when they are in their seventies, some not for a lifetime. Each person's soul path is unique to them and how they tread their journey will differ, but every one is equally valid and important.

By Claire Montanaro
Excerpt from Spiritual Wisdom