Predictions and Guidance for 2014 by The Masters of Light, through Claire Montanaro

Be content, dear One, with the achievements you have made and the gifts you have given, for they are magnificent. We who watch have seen, with love, your struggles and efforts, your choices and learnings as you tread your human path of separation – no longer separation from us, for that task, for you, is done, but from the lure of the third dimension, that world of matter which has bedazzled man since time began.

It has been hard for you, for materialism, consumerism is an addiction that is hard to break, particularly if you do not know you have it. It is as the Veil of Illusion has thinned that you have seen, remembered and understood, and you have known what to do. To question and reject the generally accepted way can create schism with those whom you love and others with whom your life interacts, but, with the light of knowledge, comes responsibility to be true to yourself as soul and as the vessel for Spirit – and this you begin to do, perfectly.

In the 2014, the thinning of the Veil will continue and revelation of what may be startling will emerge, enabling the awakening to the truth to affect many who hitherto have been asleep. Dormant souls will begin to stir, and as they begin to stumble upon their initial path of soul learning, one you trod aeons ago, your own journey will accelerate: whether a beginner or an advanced student, humans will be confronted, individually and collectively, by reminders of your purpose for being alive in body, on Earth, and you will be presented with challenge and opportunity to help yourself, your human community and, most importantly, your Planet. What you do with them will determine when and how far the ascensions, already under way, develop; some people will turn their back and choose to live in the place of the past, others will embrace the future, in the certain knowledge that by so-doing they are fulfilling the great Plan of God.

Your Planet, now, has many visitors from the realms of the Angels working among you as emissaries, messengers from God, and their numbers will increase in the year of the 2014; they will be part of the age of spiritual enlightenment, triggering forgotten wisdom and memory in you through dreams and other reminders, working also with the Elements and nature spirits both to protect them from the carelessness of man and to bring them to a state and place of grace and power not known before in Earth history. Gaia will speak, and her voice will be heard: there will be no alternative but to listen, and to learn from your planetary teacher; some may not like her wisdom, but you will rejoice, for you will know that what occurs is the fulfilment of your spiritual longing, and part of the reason why you are incarnate now.

Have discernment in your shifting times, and recognise how world leaders distort the truth to create illusion – question everything about your material world, for your perception of reality will force the lies of politicians to be seen for the foolishness they are. In the 2014, some who are mighty will tumble, and the meek will have might through the force of gentle power that is expressed though kindness: from this, many lessons will come.

It is a year of ebb and flow, of tides advancing and receding, each time cleansing the sands of the present and preparing you for changes within humanity and yourself, upon Earth and in the heavens. It is a year to sing with joy as, at last, God's Great Plan for all that is, is visible for all to see; some will resist their part, but you will not, and for that we thank you.

So, as we leave you, we give you as always our love and our many blessings, for you are our beloved child. Please know we are ever with you, and in so many ways.

By Claire Montanaro
November 2013