Fire in the Middle East - Egypt's Role in Achieving the New Consciousness

Because our planet is governed by the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict it is inevitable that its transition to sacred status will come about as a result of strife possibly expressed in a number of ways. We are seeing now the tensions between the old ways and the new, secrecy versus transparency, self-centredness versus altruism, and physical conflict too may be necessary to jolt us out of apathy and precipitate change that is visible and permanent.

Events in the Middle East could be leading to this. The demand for reform and a new way of governance will not be confined just to Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria but will spread to wherever autocratic regimes are embedded. The position of Israel is particularly significant and could be pivotal, the centre point for the work of the Fourth Ray.

Communication has been a key factor in the unrest in Egypt and will continue to be so. Much of the trouble derives from President Mubarak's unwillingness to have a meaningful dialogue with Egyptians now and over many years and his refusal to listen to their concerns; the escalation of protest was triggered by the decision to cut off most means of inter-communication such as mobile phones, Twitter and Facebook. It was a costly mistake.

This power of the internet for instantaneous exchange of information, thoughts and ideas as well as business dealings is symptomatic of the new era of community interconnectedness and transparency. It represents and enables a radical change in approach to life which in some ways is generational, but also is about enlightenment. Literally, it allows the light of truth to shine and the voice of the people to be heard. On-line petitions, internet campaigns and influential websites can, in democratic countries, create change, and politicians ignore them at their peril. Any attempt to curtail the limitlessness of the accessibility of information and social networking sites is worldwide news instantly, because personal freedom to have, to know and to share is at stake.

We are witnessing the battle of the old and the new, and not just in Egypt or Tunis. While protests to claim the human right to speak and to be heard will continue, attempts to withhold that right will continue also, but ultimately will not succeed. Furthermore, technology will play an increasingly significant part in the transition to the new era of the New Consciousness: cyber-wars, suppression, internet wipe-out, and the development of amazing new telecommunication systems to come will be the major catalyst for what is to come.

As you observe what is happening at home or abroad, you may wish to notice the part that communication has to play in world events. It is much more than many people realise or acknowledge. This period of time is important for every one and every thing, for it may be when the world turns. There is nothing to fear, I promise you, for from it will come the light of peace and the blessing of the divine. All is well.

By Claire Montanaro
Published in Ezine Articles, February 2011