The Universal Laws

The Universal, or Spiritual Laws, are the ancient but perennial Truths which encompass every aspect of living as a spiritual being. All teaching about what it means to be spiritual is underpinned by these Truths, which are based on principles of common sense and which apply to every era throughout history, and to people of every age.

There are over one hundred of these great Laws. They are so old their origins are lost in the mists of time, but spiritual teachers like AliceBailey and Helena Blavatski revived knowledge of them in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as a result of their own research and information channelled to them. Since then they have faded into obscurity again which is a pity in view of the important guidance they offer to help your path as a human and as a soul, and to help build your connection to Spirit.

More recently a number of books have been written purporting to be about the Spiritual Laws, but many of them are a loose interpretation of just a few of the Laws, focusing on aspects of self-help, personal development and so on. While in their own way they can be helpful, the true Laws are much more profound particularly when considered in their totality.

The Laws describe how to behave and to be in order to maximise your spiritual potential, but they also explain much about your cosmic links and spiritual heritage. This article looks at the ten key Laws but all the Laws are worth exploring as a set and in their own right. I encourage you to read them through, with their explanations, because, if understood and practised, they will expand your spiritual potential greatly. They will also maximize your enjoyment of your life journey, and revolutionise your way of thinking and being.

Certain Laws may attract you over others, and it is likely that the meaning and importance of these particular ones have a particular significance at this time in your life. I suggest that you look at them carefully to see why this is so. However, all of them are of great interest, and when you look at them as a whole you will see the coherence and pattern they form. By understanding what they mean, however broadly, you will understand, literally, the meaning of life, of being spiritual, and the meaning of God.

If everybody in the world lived according to the Laws, or with an understanding of them, then our human society would be coming from a very different place with peace, harmony and kindness prevailing over self-centredness and materialism.

The Ten Key Universal Laws:
1. The Law of Attraction
is one of the three major Laws and is very important. It governs the soul and is to do with like attracting like, and this may be in a positive or a negative sense. It is all about the Power of Thought. Everything in your life is a result of this Law, and is for your learning.
2. The Law of Cause and Effect states that everything we do brings about an outcome, and that nothing happens by chance. "As you sow, so shall you reap". It is closely related to the Law of Karma.
3. The Law of Cycles explains how everything, everywhere, has its own cycle and time whether it is the phases of the moon, the seasons, time, your life or spirituality. It is important not to resist a cycle or you will block the energetic flow.
4. The Law of Divine Flow is about living in the present, and not brooding on the past, nor fearing nor anticipating what lies ahead. It is about acceptance.
5. The Law of Expansion relates to the universe and beyond, and how it is constantly expanding. Similarly, the consciousness within you is expanding also at the rate you choose, and you have no limit as to how far you can grow as a human and as a spiritual being.
6. The Law of Flexibility is all about self-awareness and acceptance, seeing that everything you do or that comes to you is for a purpose, recognizing that a problem is actually an opportunity. It is about pragmatism and non-judgment.
7. The Law of Meditation states that meditation, when practised, brings about, at the very least, a calm mind if regularly and appropriately undertaken, and is an excellent tool to assist spiritual growth, possibly even leading to enlightenment. It must be undertaken with moderation and a sense of balance.
8. The Law of Non-Attachment states that by having no desires, dependencies, addictions or other emotional attachments you can achieve spiritual enlightenment, and nothing matters. You are in a state of constant bliss. It is one of the hardest laws to live by.
9. The Law of Patterns refers to old or obsolete patterns and those patterns which are useful to you. Any pattern, or habit, that you recognise as destructive or unhelpful you can break through awareness, intent and effort. You can reinforce useful patterns through focus, understanding and determination.
10. The Law of Unconditional Love, or the Law of Love is about giving honour, respect and compassion within the umbrella of love to every living thing, including yourself. This is the heart of spirituality.

And indeed, the Universal Laws themselves are the heart of spirituality, at every level and in every way. They are truly wonderful.

By Claire Montanaro