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Beheadings in the Middle East – not the Time for Ego

August 21, 2014,
Claire Montanaro

It would be easy to write, as others do, about the causes of this Middle Eastern crisis and who is to blame, to speak of karma and shared responsibility, but it is not helpful to dwell on past mistakes when, in a new and very dangerous global precariousness, action is required now. It is not the time for posturing or a continuation of the existing, largely passive strategy for the region, but for acceptance of a reality that requires a cessation of judgment and a coming together for the common good. TerrorismThere has been too much factional support or rejection for too long, whereby Iran has been judged and ostracised, Russia is judged and ostracised, Assad is judged and ostracised, and certain Middle Eastern states are courted for their oil and wealth despite shocking human rights records – and there are many other examples of Western countries such as the UK and the US choosing friends and enemies according to what suits our values and our interests. It is an interesting thought that, if as many had wanted, we had supported the rebels in Syria militarily a year ago, we would be finding ourselves on the same side of ISIL now. It is time to put aside the old, failed patterns of diplomacy and to do our utmost to create a new network of power in the region through a coming together of all the countries who do not wish for the Middle East to disintegrate or for terrorism to create war in the West. We may not like or share the values of some of them, but without them a grave situation will deteriorate. It is time for hard, persuasive talking to such leaders, and for leadership in this regard – but sadly, while there is a lot of talk, there are not many signs of change.   [Image via Wikinews] [byline]  ]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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3 comments on “Beheadings in the Middle East – not the Time for Ego”

  1. G'day, Claire!
    For the record, guerilla warfare has been around a very long time. For instance, revolting American colonists in North America from the mid-1770's to 1781 early on used gureilla warfare tactics against King George III's Redcoats. I do not, however, recall hearing about beheadings during that period of North American history. One has to wonder about the significance of lopping off someone's head - aside from a similar comment in Lewis Carroll's *Alice's Adventures in Wonderland*, that is.

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