Child Abuse, and the Abuse of Sex

July 17, 2014,
Claire Montanaro

Child sex abuse goes on everywhere in the world, and in in the UK, as over 600 otherwise respectable men are arrested including doctors, teachers and carers, experts are warning, cautiously, that as many as 1 child in 4 may be abused in or out of their homes. I fear the desecration of childhood may be more endemic even than that, as we are warned this is the most difficult, dangerous crisis we as a society have to deal with. For every person involved actively in child sex abuse there may be another 10 who seek out and download sexual images of children “only”, but whose addiction will develop until they must touch rather than just look. It is a modern-day, growing plague, found in all levels of society. the sacredness of sexChild abuse is the most ugly side of sex, and it epitomises how far sexual union has become debased in so many ways. Once, sex between 2 people was the highest expression of love, so sublime it transcended worldly physicality and became other-dimensional, a blissful, spiritual one-ness when bodies and souls merged - no lust, only love, and sometimes creativity. Now, the pinnacle of sexual experience has become its nadir, and sex is everywhere, explicit, indiscriminate, commonplace and the basis of crude humour.  So, the idea and actuality of sex is forced upon children by their environment from the time they become aware, and it is sad but unsurprising that some boys as young as 7 attempt to rape babies as they emulate what they see around them, and see as normal. The abuse of children and the abuse of sex is deep-rooted now, and it will be difficult to change this prevailing culture of distorted sexual acceptance. We have reached the stage where, for some people, it is hard to distinguish between right and wrong as they put personal gratification – sexual or acquisitive – before compassion and altruism. The truth about child sex abuse is ugly, highlighting as it does how far we have lost our way and forgotten what it means to be human. All of us, perpetrators or not, have a responsibility in this situation, whether it is in teaching our children by example and safe-guarding; choosing our words, language, viewing and reading with care; conducting relationships with integrity and even, perhaps, attempting to honour the spiritual meaning of sexual union. And, so importantly, we need to honour the children too, for then they will learn to honour themselves, and themselves to honour others.   [byline]]]>

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4 comments on “Child Abuse, and the Abuse of Sex”

  1. and for 1 sex abuser there are 10 other adults who know and don't do anything. How do we come out of apathy?

    1. Thank you, Mia. Yes, for 1 abuser there are 10 who look, and indeed a further 10 who know. People don't want to acknowledge what is going on around them, preferring denial to taking responsibility. It is very selfish, isn't it? But we cannot change them, only they can change themselves.

  2. Yes, far too much abuse going on……SEX isn't valued and is exploited and used to sell everything. Relationships whatever happened to them??my friend says Its "teenagers do everything quicker nowadays" …i`m not so sure…All her kids have boy/girl friends at what i consider to be early ages early and all seem to be having/had sex before 16yrs old. I find it really depressing and distressing that somehow they are being forced to grow up too quickly…well they don't have adult minds that for sure as i hear all the usual teenage/youth problems when i`m at hers……I feel that out children are `got at` by the media/TV/Internet….Even what i value as great TV series are now using more four letter words with sex on a regular basis…its almost normalised to such an extent…I still find it hard to accept….problem is the kids don't see they are being exploited, many don't have the consciousness as yet to be able to truly `see` they are being played and used……you are correct re spiritual union….it seems that its like having a cup of tea now…..nothing special….if the loving experience connection on level of spirit is taken away then i`m sure it makes it a lot more easier to abuse. ITs all about our loss of innocence in a way……so sad...

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