COVID-19: Moving Forward and Going back

March 15, 2020,
Claire Montanaro
Gaia will us heal
The world as we have known it has slowed down, changed course and shape, and we are adjusting to a new way of living and being which may be forever.

Because of the possibility of losing it, many of us through the Coronavirus are being reminded of what is important to us: for some people it is the loss of sport, televised or otherwise; for others it is concerts and shows; for others still it is socialising, or travelling, or the easy availability of what we want whenever we want it from wherever in the world it comes from.  We have been spoiled.

Jobs may be at risk as firms are forced to close, and the enforced working from home for those fortunate to be employed or who may be in self-isolation will make normal working life an attractive memory for many rather than an unofficial holiday.  For some families there will be grave difficulty, even tragedy, but for every one of us there is opportunity in this time of revolution.

As our world narrows and we each are touched by restriction, it may be opportune to look at what we fear or dislike most in this situation of global and national shutting down.  So often what we think is important is just distraction, filling time, part of a pattern of societal behaviour that avoids us being with ourselves and with God, just with God.  Despite the best of intentions to meditate more, spend more time with nature, help our community, read good books, work with our spiritual team, life gets in the way - a life we have chosen, perhaps, to fill with people, busyness, work, romance, Netflix, making money, travel or other mental blandness. 

As we confront being without what we think we love or think we need, as space unexpectedly fills our time, it may be opportune to think not only about what we are missing and how important is it really, but how we feel about being alone with our thoughts or that new space in time.  It will be uncomfortable for many, even those with family around them, and it may be some of us will resist or refuse to comply with what is asked of us, and others will not see it as an opportunity but instead as a penance.  It will be, of course, whatever we choose it to be.

Whether we use this time as a chance to simplify our lives and prioritise what is important spiritually and in our human-beingness or not, it may help to recognise that this is the start of the manifestation of the new world order.  The Coronavirus will not go easily; furthermore it will cause a change in lifestyle and national governance that will impact economies, commerce, national institutions and the use of technology in ways that may be permanent.  While a degree of social interaction will return, working and living practices may change forever bringing with it the chance of a new self-understanding and spiritual acceptance, a new quietness to life and appreciation of what is truly valuable.

Gaia will continue to remind us too, not only about what to cherish but also to help us heal. As global pollution levels plummet by the day as a result of the virus, her own healing is under way and the world of nature rejoices.

As I, with you, watch and wait and wonder, I, with you, try to think not of my own situation but that of those who struggle and suffer, who lose their jobs or their businesses (or their lives), those who are in fear or shock as to how quickly the world has changed.  For them, perhaps for you and me, it is hard to look forward or see the opportunities in these new times, but opportunity is there. 

As we move forward now we are going back to the last golden age of Spirit on Earth: it is why we are here, and it is very marvellous - though not at all easy.  See the bigger picture, for it is there. Let Gaia help, meanwhile, and help Gaia if you can.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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