Destruction of a Peruvian Pyramid

July 4, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

There are many questions over this gross vandalism, not least why an archaeologically valuable site was not guarded, and how men with bulldozers believed they could work where they wanted without permission in a relatively developed country. Because it happened over a weekend it is likely that they knew what they were doing was illegal but hoped that, if the area was cleared and the excavation stopped, they would be allowed to continue with their development plans. What is puzzling in particular is the mentality of the men responsible for the destruction: Peruvians have great pride in their country and its history, which brings them many benefits through tourism too. The archaeological site of El Paraiso, with its 12 pyramids used as a religious centre long before the Inca civilisation, caused great excitement worldwide for its importance when it was discovered: you would assume the pride and interest of the authorities would be shared by all Peruvians, but clearly not. The desire for profit overcame cultural patriotism and community goodwill. I remember my shock in discovering that a major part of the structure of Machu Picchu had been destroyed, permanently, to enable the helicopter of a visiting dignitary to land on the great Temple square a few years ago. I see now that values differ from person to person and society to society, and who are we to judge? Through ignorance or carelessness, damage has been done to many historical sites in the UK and elsewhere in the world, and the loss of the pyramid in Peru is just one more example. In the end, everything, great and small, you and me, becomes dust, to live again later in another form and in its own time. The pyramid is gone but its memory lives on, and its loss, and the manner of it, may serve to teach much to those who remain behind. [byline]  ]]>

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    1. Hello, William. Both good questions, particularly in the context of Peru - and many other places.

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