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Enlightenment and Light at Wesak

May 13, 2014,
Claire Montanaro

Wesak is upon us, that time in May every year when the blessing of God is given to Man by Buddha, that time which is the high point of the spiritual year but which so often is forgotten. Wesak….  an Eastern festival but one which has significance for all souls whatever their place in the human world. You may know the legend about the annual return of Buddha to a high Himalayan plateau in Tibet, where all spiritual disciples from the Christ to the most newly awoken are gathered to receive in ancient ritual His blessing on behalf of God, and His love. It is a beautiful, evocative story, which I believe to be true: it takes place at an inter-dimensional level and relates to soul and Spirit, but has ramifications for you in your humanity too, if you choose. At this time, as Buddha approaches Earth, the energies change and become heightened, purified through spiritual stimulation; the potency of Wesak can change you markedly, strengthening your intuition and assisting your journey to enlightenment, and bhuddahood [caption id="attachment_2566" align="alignright" width="250"]Tibetan Buddha Tibetan Buddha[/caption] Wesak is about remembering the Light and using the Light to help the world through love and dedication, a commitment to the human and spiritual community of souls. It is about going beyond yourself to see the truth, as the detached observer, with compassion for the frailties of man, and yourself. It is about connecting with the energy of Buddha as He allows this momentary opportunity. It is about going beyond your soul to find Spirit within and without you, and it is about remembering why you are on Earth now. A busy mind makes the gifts of Wesak impossible to receive, and so if you wish to honour Wesak, do so through the silence that brings you peace of mind. To help you, I have recorded a free guided meditation for Wesak in 2014, and if you are interested in participating in the great ceremony in Tibet, do please listen to it; you will be in good company. The Wesak Full Moon, the time of the return of Buddha, is, in 2014, at 1917 GMT on 14th May.   [byline]]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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