George Galloway and Political Change

March 30, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

His was the greatest by-election victory in British political history, overwhelming the three main political parties so convincingly that it cannot be dismissed as a mid-term blip. Three aspects of his campaign are of particular interest: one is his call for the troops in Afghanistan to be recalled at once; one is his attack on a self-interested, complacent, sometimes corrupt established political system, and thirdly he adopted a very personal, direct campaigning style such as has not been seen for decades. All these factors appealed to Bradford voters, who clearly want change from the status quo, and it is likely that many other people in Britain feel the same. Galloway's Respect Party was established in 2004 as an alternative to the main parties, and its themes are anti-war, anti-materialism and pro-community sharing. For years his left wing views and idiosyncratic conduct made him a figure of fun in Westminster, but in fact, like him and his views or not, he is a serious, committed politician with strong views and a determination to change the world of politics. He will be the only Respect MP in the House of Commons, but there is no doubt his voice will be a loud and powerful one. Alienated voters are not just in the UK: many Americans are disappointed by the incumbent government and exasperated by the false promises and complacency of the two main parties, while protests in Russia and many parts of the EU, past and to come, are indicators of a tidal wave of disaffection. Deep political change is coming, and let us hope that men and women of integrity and discernment come forward to lead the way.]]>

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