Greenland’s melting ice sheet –another Gaian mystery

July 25, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

Scientists are baffled by an event that is unprecedented, particularly coming as it does just after an iceberg twice the size of Manhattan broke away from a glacier, also in Greenland. The entire ice cover was affected by melting to some degree, even in the coldest places, and it is an extraordinary occurrence. Experts are relieved that the ice sheet seems to be freezing again now, and without that “normality” resuming there may have been alarm if not panic among scientists at the implications. As it is, they admit that these phenomena are sending a message, but that it will take years to determine if they are the result of man-made global warming or are rare natural events. For me it is both but not as conventionally believed: it is, as a result of man’s abuse of our planetary resources and dishonouring of the lives that share our planet, Gaia’s way of reminding us both of our responsibilities to Her and also Her power, and of the significance of water. Gaia is far, far stronger than man and will determine whether the human race survives, and how. If Greenland’s ice sheet were to melt completely the waters would overwhelm many parts of the world and the repercussions would change the Planet for ever – and it is no coincidence that the Spirit of Water represents the essence of Spirit. Gaia’s body is covered mostly by water, and we are made up mostly of water too, and water increasingly will be the way She conveys her concerns to us, perhaps through a superfluity or a lack, or other extraordinary watery events. It is time we listened to Her messages, properly, and took notice. It is not too late.]]>

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