Mercury Retrograde Showing his Humour

June 27, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

It is a particularly busy week, this week, and I had forgotten that Mercury would change his path now, in a month when he is strong in my astrological chart anyway. Having struggled the day before to repair the hard drive on my computer (something I had never done before and leaving me at one point with nothing but a grey screen and a frozen mouse) in between appointments, I woke this morning thinking about all that lay ahead for today and hoping for a calm, trouble-free day: my work begins early and continues late today, and I wanted it to be as smooth as possible. Spirit has a wonderful sense of humour, though sometimes it takes me a while to see the joke! I had a slight sense of humour failure when I got up and looked out of my bathroom window to see, through the two big garage doors below, a sheep’s head poking out of each like two horses looking out of their stable. They looked very happy, but had to be removed quickly before they damaged the plants in the garden – and before my work began: I raced outside in my night clothes, thinking of my delayed schedule and all that had to be done, and with the help of Felix the Cat found myself herding the sheep around and around the garden. Sheep are not very bright and like to go in circles, I have discovered, and these two were determined to ignore the exits and stay where the grass was greener. I resigned myself mentally to lost time and a missed breakfast and eventually the sheep ambled down the drive and out of the gate; I recognised them as a ewe and her lamb that have been loose in the village for several weeks, usually on the far side where they are known to prefer domestic properties to fields, and where they have been quite a nuisance. It was my turn. I have noticed that these unexpected events always happen on the days when I am busiest, and, now that it is done, I can see not just the humour in the situation but how I had limited myself through my perception of time and my expectations of the day. I had been focused on my timetable and all that I had to do today, making it a burden and not a pleasure. The time lost in herding sheep has not delayed me very much and it gave me an energetic awakening! And it was an opportunity to be everywhere in my garden on a lovely summer’s morning as the world of nature came to life. My day, and I, were shaken up briefly and it was all for the good – though I wonder, wryly, what Mercury will bring for me next? [byline]]]>

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3 comments on “Mercury Retrograde Showing his Humour”

  1. I love it! We all learn the same lessons don' we - they are just dressed differently. Your family sounds lovely. X

  2. I'm not too sheep-ish about lamb any more, Claire. 🙂
    Since this past Friday, my regular Internet access has been down, with bugger all over the weekend for it at home. I had to go to the local health food store (one of several local places for a wireless connection when not at home), for instance, in order to upload my new ebook for sale on (Going Bush and Walkabout [But Not in Australia]) and to check and send email. On the one hand, it's been a real pain; on the other, it reminded me of the importance of sensory deprivation from time to time.
    Instead of waiting to hear from my wireless broadband ISP to tell me they've fixed their network problem, I ordered alternative service from a competitor and now at least have something that *works*.
    Ah, yes . . . Mercury being retrograde: it has affected me, too - on a relatively low mercury summer's day in the State of Catatonia. 🙂

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